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An Information Management Application-Specific License (ASL) allows Business Partners to license and bundle IBM software with their solutions--with IBM help--to deliver a lower cost, high performing and more reliable solution out of the box. Learn more about Application-Specific License.

Today we have over 1000 Information Management ASL Partners who are integrating products from the complete portfolio of Information Management solutions. Become an ASL partner and leverage IBM channels to:

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ASL Partner Spotlight

Diyotta. Frictionless Data Integration

About Diyotta
Diyotta is leading the Big Data Integration movement by giving you the ability to readily integrate and make available high value information across your internal and external data sources, rapidly enabling critical insights for strategic and competitive advantage with significantly less cost and effort than traditional data integration and ETL tools.
Their  leadership team has more than 60 years of combined experience successfully delivering comprehensive BI/analytical and large-scale data warehouse solutions to many of the largest enterprises in the world. Diyotta is focused on solving the most challenging big data challenges you have as data gets bigger and bigger.
Diyotta is data integration for the yottabyte generation.

Their Solution (Diyotta DI Suite)
Diyotta Data Integration Suite provides unique design approach to defining data transformation and integration processes, resulting in faster and simpler development and maintenance. Based on a unique E-LT architecture (Extract - Load Transform), Diyotta Solution guarantees the highest level of performance possible for the execution of data transformation and validation processes . It is also the most cost-effective solution available today that is built for  MPP based Data warehouse Appliance like Netezza. It is the  best platform for Agile Data Integration for MPP infrastructure

Benefits :

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