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IBM Enterprise Content Management solutions help IT, LOB and C-level audiences harness the value of unstructured information for new insights and better business outcomes. By putting the right content in motion-capturing, activating, socializing, analyzing and governing-professionals across all industries can transform their business with informed, timely decisions. ECM program sessions will cover: Document Imaging and Capture; Advanced Case Management; Social Content Management; Content Analytics and Information Lifecycle Governance. Other activities will include dedicated hands-on labs, ask the experts and special networking events.

Advanced Case Management

In the IBM Advanced Case Management sessions, attendees will learn how to combine information, process and people to provide a complete view of case information and achieve optimized outcomes. Learn about the latest solutions and best practices for quickly using content and process management with advanced analytics, business rules, collaboration and social software to help drive better decisions.

Content Analytics

Learn how IBM Content Analytics unlocks new business insights within large volumes of unstructured content. Content Analytics allows deep, rich text analysis of your information, helping organizations surface undetected problems, fix content-centric process inefficiencies, improve customer service and corporate accountability, reduce operating costs and risks and discover new revenue opportunities.

Document Imaging and Capture

In these sessions, you will learn how as unstructured content grows exponentially, you need proven ways to harness content across your enterprise. Successful companies need to capture, manage and share content and automate related processes. IBM ECM content management products offer essential capabilities for production imaging and capture, enterprise report management, document management, and content consolidation.

Information Lifecycle Governance

In these sessions, you will learn how companies and their information governance leaders are rapidly working to define programs and improve processes that enable defensible disposal of unnecessary data. This effort can curb storage growth, dramatically lower IT and legal costs, and lower the organization’s risk profile systemically. Learn how to address these issues with a full range of Information Lifecycle Governance solutions using archiving, eDiscovery, and records and retention management.

Social Content Management

IBM social content management provides content in context -- to share ideas, locate expertise, and access relevant knowledge via professional social networks. In these sessions, you will learn the latest in how social collaboration, business applications and office document management are evolving to provide you with the right solutions to improve efficiency and workforce productivity.


ECM solutions help address the critical needs of an organization by meeting a wide range of business requirements in many industries, such as healthcare, banking, insurance, government, energy and utilities and many others. In these sessions, attendees will learn the best practices of how to get the most benefit from your departmental or enterprise-wide solution. You will also hear success stories by a variety companies that have optimized and extended their ECM solution for greater benefit.


The ECM General track is comprised of broad, cross-portfolio implementations that use multiple capabilities. In these sessions, attendees will learn the best practices around core infrastructure improvements, integration, platform and repository issues, and other topics. Regardless of your ECM entry point, there are important ways to optimize the value of your ECM investment across your organization.