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The Business Leadership Forum is a comprehensive, 2.5 day curriculum that engages executives, managers and key decision makers seeking to turn business strategies into results by leveraging big data and analytics. Learn innovative ideas and successful strategies to grow your business, reduce costs, manage risk and improve customer service.

Big Data & Analytics - From Exploration to Excellence

In this new era of computing, big data and the powerful analytics solutions are fundamentally changing the way organizations engage with their customers, inspiring new business models and processes for organizations, and even entire industries. In this track you will hear about the strategies, approaches and the journey organizations are taking to make the shift from big data exploration to excellence. Learn from leading organizations and industry experts on how to realize the value of big data and analytics investments that work to transform your business and outpace the competition.


Banking and Financial Markets organizations are challenged by driving profit in the "new normal" world of low margins, increasing regulations and demanding customers. However those who are exploiting analytics to derive insight from massive flows of data from transactions or customer interactions are outperforming competitors. In this track, learn how leading financial institutions are better understanding customer profitability, quickly responding to changing regulatory requirements, reducing risk and fraud, and improving efficiency.


Insurers have a wealth of internal data in systems, call center recordings, agent notes, etc. Few insurers are capturing all of these internal data sources for customer interactions, managing risk and operational effectiveness. Couple this internal data with the exponentially growing external sources like social media, real-time weather forecasts, sensors, geospatial, telematics, consumer purchases, and many others, then an insurer truly can utilize big data to lead in the market. For most insurers though, they are leveraging only a small portion when making decisions. In this track, you’ll learn how analytics is helping innovative insurers leverage this big data to streamline claims processes, reduce fraud, improve policyholder retention, determine the next best action for the customer, grow producer relationships and turn compliance initiatives into strategic advantage.


Social media and the internet has transformed the retail industry and how retailers interact with customers. And with shrinking margins, many retailers are searching for a way to differentiate themselves and increase wallet share. In this track, discover how retailers are analyzing big data from social media, transactions and customer profiles - to predict behavior and deliver personalized experiences that will increase customer loyalty and profitability.


Governments at all levels, need to provide their citizens with everything from policing, infrastructure, to social services, and collect taxes to fund these programs. With increasing calls for transparency, they also must ensure every dollar is effectively spent. This broad mission both requires and generates massive amounts of data. Participate in this track and learn how smarter governments are leveraging analytics and big data to effectively manage resources, improve service delivery, reduce fraud, predict infrastructure issues and prevent threats to safety.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

It's an exciting time in healthcare and life sciences! The rise in consumerism, new tools and technologies that unlock insights into the individual, the push for outcomes-based care and the development of insurance exchanges are accelerating the need to collaborate beyond boundaries. During this track healthcare and life sciences organizations will share different perspectives and strategies for leveraging advanced analytics and big data to improve outcomes, increase efficiencies and evolve toward patient-centered care.


Today, the market for communication service providers is crowded and competitive. To reduce churn and improve profitability, CSPs need to leverage and monetize network and customer big data. In this track, you'll hear how analytic solutions are helping CSPs harness this data to gain insight into customer needs to increase loyalty, improve networks to deliver a differentiated customer experience and manage costs, while growing profits.

Energy and Utilities

Utilities companies are investing in business analytics to support data-driven decision making and planning. Leading utilities are integrating data about operations and assets to predict what will break, before it does - reducing downtime and improving service. In this track you'll hear from energy and utility companies about how they are leveraging analytics based on big data to increase profitability, extend the life of grid assets, reduce carbon footprint, increase safety, enhance regulatory compliance and improve customer satisfaction.

Consumer Products

Consumer Products organizations want to leverage advanced information and analytics capabilities to build lifetime consumer relationships, improve collaboration with channel partners, develop smarter manufacturing and supply networks, and manage business performance through enterprise visibility. Learn from leading CP organizations and industry experts on how you can benefit from leveraging IBM's big data capabilities and exploit new data types and sources of information to fuel the analytics insights and actions needed to achieve your strategic goals.

Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment companies are looking to increase customer value, reduce customer churn, and build an agile digital supply chain to drive operational excellence. With advanced analytical capabilities, companies in the industry can deliver more highly differentiated customer experiences across various digital channels. Deeper insight into customer behavior can help industry leaders enhance the value of media properties or services by providing a 360 degree view of the customer that can help drive revenue and increase profitability.

Travel and Transport

Travel & Transportation organizations are gaining momentum toward the use of big data analytics for driving desired business outcomes to dramatically improve the end-to-end customer experience, enhance services to increase revenue and manage capacity, maximize availability of assets and infrastructure and to improve operational efficiency. Learn from leading T&T organizations and industry experts on how you can benefit from leveraging IBM's Big Data capabilities and exploit new data types and sources of information to fuel the analytics insights and actions needed to achieve your strategic goals.


Manufacturers have a long history of using instrumentation to monitor the health and status of equipment. One result of their asset - intensive nature is that they typically generate more data than other industries. Big Data & Analytics technology provides powerful new capabilities that can make sense of all this data and deliver new insights to help manufacturers get the most of their equipment investments. With big data and analytics, manufacturers can move beyond traditional monitoring and time - based equipment maintenance to a more agile, real-time predictive maintenance model that anticipates and prevents problems well in advance.


Automakers are racing to leverage the latest advances in vehicle telematics and infotainment systems to optimize the driving experience and improve safety. The next generation of educated, tech-savvy drivers expect much more from their vehicle, as well as from the purchase and maintenance / service experience. Automakers can meet these challenges by effectively collecting, managing and analyzing data from vehicles and the environment in which they operate.