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Big Data and Analytics Tutorial Series

Big data applications are receiving immense attention because of the competitive advantages they offer. As organizations worldwide race to implement the new era of big data applications, they quickly find that the skills they need are in short supply—and the gap is widening. As a technology professional, you know that ongoing skills enhancement helps drive professional opportunities.

The Big Data and Analytics Tutorial Series is a low-cost add-on option to your conference registration:

The tutorials are offered on Sunday, November 3, 2013 and Thursday, November 7, 2013.
Sessions start at 9 a.m., and conclude at 5 p.m.

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Instructors have been carefully chosen for their expertise and focus on specific aspects of Big Data and Analytics. Several are published authors, seasoned technology consultants and more.

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If you are an IBM Client or Business Partner, you are encouraged to take advantage of this additional education. Space in each session is limited, so register today.

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Data Governance Fundamentals with IBM InfoSphere - Sunil Soares

Data Governance Fundamentals with IBM InfoSphere

Join industry expert Sunil Soares to learn best practices for data governance from a people-process perspective. This includes building a business case, establishing an optimal organizational structure, establishing data governance rules and policies, managing the lifecycle of information and more.

Sunil will teach you to implement these best practices with the IBM InfoSphere family of products, for example creating a business glossary, developing a quality scorecard and monitoring progress, governing reference data and implementing policies for archiving and data retention, aligning with security and privacy policies and supporting the data integration process. Finally, Sunil will take these policies to the use case of a Big Data application.

This tutorial is a practical way to quickly build data governance knowledge that you can begin applying to your organization’s data governance needs immediately.

About the instructor

Sunil Soares

Sunil Soares is the founder and managing partner of Information Asset LLC, a consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations build out their data governance programs. Prior to this role, Sunil was the director of Information Governance at IBM, and worked with clients across six continents and multiple industries. Sunil is the author of numerous books on data governance, including The Data Governance Unified Process, Selling Information Governance to the Business and others.



Thursday, November 7, 2013

Evolving your Information Architecture, What? Why? How? - Dr. Peter Aiken

All organizations have information architectures. The question is how effectively do organizations use them. This tutorial teaches how to evolve and use your organization's information architecture. It describes the information architecture’s strategic drivers and how to enhance components of the information architecture so they can become more useful without having to ask for budget and other resources.

Other important related topics include how to:

Upon completion of this tutorial, attendees will be in a position to develop and make use of the organization’s information architecture components in today's environment.

About the instructor

Peter Aiken

Dr. Peter Aiken is widely acclaimed as one of the top data management authorities worldwide. In addition to examining the data management practices of more than 500 organizations, he has completed multi-year immersions with a range of diverse organizations in multiple industries. As president of DAMA International (, his expertise in the practice is unquestioned. Peter has been a member of the Information Systems Department at Virginia Commonwealth University's School of Business since 1993 and jointly owns, with the University, Data Blueprint (.com) an award-winning, data management/IT consulting firm. His latest book is The Case for the Chief Data Officer: Recasting the C-Suite to Leverage your most Valuable Asset.

Big Data, Hadoop and Big SQL, A Crash Course - Dr. Vladimir Bacvanski - SOLD OUT

Big Data and Hadoop have become buzzwords in the data processing community. Yet, few database practitioners understand what these technologies are, how to use them productively and how to integrate them into a conventional data processing landscape. It’s no wonder, as nearly all resources on these topics target software developers and not data professionals.

This tutorial focuses on these important technologies from the perspective of data professionals! We will introduce the key elements of the Hadoop ecosystem. You will learn about Big Data, Hadoop and its technologies. This includes information about IBM’s distribution of Hadoop with numerous extensions, called InfoSphere BigInsights. We also cover Big SQL, which is a new technology in the IBM InfoSphere BigInsights product that allows you to apply SQL queries to Big Data problems.


About the instructor

Vladimir Bacvanski

Dr. Vladimir Bacvanski has more than two decades of engineering experience with software and data technologies in areas such as architecture and design of mission critical enterprise systems, rule-based systems, modeling tools, real-time systems, and database technologies. As a consultant and educator, Vladimir has helped a number of organizations including US Treasury, Federal Reserve Bank, US Navy, IBM, Dell, Hewlett Packard, JP Morgan Chase, Nokia, Lucent, General Electric, BAE Systems, AMD, Costco and others to select, transition, and apply new software and data technologies. Vladimir is published worldwide and is a frequent speaker at leading industry events. He was awarded the title of IBM Champion for five consecutive years -- 2009-2013.

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