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Dive deeply into the subjects that matter most to your business. Hear from a variety of subject matter experts and thought leaders. Select sessions from across multiple tracks – Business Analytics, Enterprise Content Management, Information Management and Business Leadership. Hear success stories. Learn best practices. See Big Data and Analytics in action.

Business Analytics Forum offers rich content for the entire business analytics community. Whether you focus on business intelligence, financial performance management, predictive analytics, analytic applications or social media, it’s the place to get the practical know-how you need to maximize the value of your deployments and perform your day-to-day job more effectively. Hear implementation success stories, learn deployment best practices, and valuable tips, techniques, and innovative strategies to accelerate your business analytics initiatives.

Predictive and Business Intelligence

Leading organizations are building analytic competencies to help them exploit all their data, expand their viewpoints from what happened in the past to what will happen next, and make analytics available to decision-makers at all levels of the organization. Attend this track to learn how IBM Business Analytics can help you enhance the value of your business intelligence program with new capabilities, expand your predictive point solutions to a broader organizational implementation and embrace the "analytic mavericks" in your organization so everyone can benefit from their innovations. Understand how BI and predictive analytics can help you champion the adoption of analytics throughout your organization.

Applying Analytics to Deliver Business Value

Market volatility, new operating models, reduced margins, empowered consumers. The need to run your organization smarter has never been more pressing. IBM Business Analytics offers the industry's most complete portfolio of analytic capabilities and the expertise to help your organization take better advantage of all its data -- transforming information into insight and insight into action. Attend these sessions to learn from leading companies and IBM technical experts how to apply business intelligence, predictive and advanced analytics to key business imperatives. You'll walk away with practical know-how for implementing customer analytics, operational analytics, and threat and fraud analytics programs.

Business Analytics for Big Data

The market is buzzing about the attributes and challenges of managing big data. But it often overlooks the one key attribute that drives our desire to harness big data in the first place: Value. IBM Business Analytics helps organizations apply structure, create meaning and discover unseen patterns to transform massive, complex and wide data sets into actionable insights that deliver competitive advantage. Attend this track to learn new ways to expand and evolve your analytics program and blend traditional information with big data. Understand how to enrich decision-making by capitalizing on the unique characteristics of big data with new techniques, smarter visualizations and innovative applications.

Performance Management

Learn how to transform slow, expensive, disconnected performance planning and management processes into dynamic, efficient and connected experiences. Learn how to serve finance, line-of-business and IT professionals alike with "analytics-driven" processes that accelerate performance achievement. In this track, you'll hear from fellow software users, IBM product experts and Business Partners about implementing solutions for enterprise planning, budgeting, forecasting, profitability modeling and optimization, scorecarding, strategy management, narrative performance reporting and sales performance management. You'll see how linking these diverse processes with business intelligence, predictive and risk analytics can drive better results.

Risk Analytics

Managing risk and leveraging risk data to improve decision making involves aggregating and consolidating risk data from different business processes and risk initiatives. Attend the sessions in this track to learn how IBM Risk Analytics solutions are helping IT risk professionals manage their risk data to build a foundation for more risk-aware decision making. You'll learn from risk management practitioners and IBM product experts how IBM Risk Analytics solutions offer a flexible approach to both horizontal and vertical risk integration. You'll see how these solutions provide a more holistic view of enterprise risk that improves frontline decision making in today's organizations.