Summit 2013 Announcements

Watson Engagement Advisor

A new commercial offering that can help fundamentally transform how organizations and customers interact over the life of their relationship. This new cognitive technology offering enables plain-English dialogues, with a single interface across channels, for Q&A and process guidance that builds upon past conversations. It leverages unstructured data sources to drive responses, and makes better use of manuals, user forums, call logs, and other sources. Watson Engagement Advisor is a trusted expert that provides complete transparency, confidence, and an unparalleled ability to learn from people’s actions. It brings understanding and personalization in customer engagement to a whole new level.

Advanced Social Analytics Platform

The ASAP is a GBS asset developed by IBM Research that integrates data sources such as geo-spatial information, text content, purchase history and rating/reviews to formulate personalized recommendations and product insights. It uses insights gathered from social media to enable an enterprise to personalize connections with their customers.

Chief Procurement Officer Survey

This survey, the largest of its kind, is based on the responses of over 1100 procurement professional from around the globe and across several industries. The output will be available at the Emptoris Empower mini-main tent on Tuesday at 10:45am. The paper will be available for download on May 22, at

Marketing Survey

Our 4th Annual EMM Survey of Marketing Practitioners. The purpose of the study is to determine the adoption, market demand, spending and priority of different kinds of marketing solutions.

Merchandising and Consumer Products Surveys

IBM conducted two global surveys to uncover key trends with our core audiences:

  • The chief merchant study will uncover how retail merchants are adjusting to the omni-channel customer,
  • The Consumer Products study will uncover the convergence of sales and marketing analytics and identify how organizations are positioning for a competitive advantage

Social Customer Care BVA

Strategy consulting offering designed to:

  • Envision the future of Customer Service around own and use, help and repair, enhance and upgrade, and drive service operations based on business drivers, growth objectives and leading practices
  • Evaluate current capabilities against future state vision based on maturity to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement in social customer care
  • Deliver the path to value and the required supporting components based on prioritization of business capabilities and return on investment

IBM Tealeaf® cxOverstat

A highly visual analytics solution that delivers actionable insights into site improvements that remove sources of struggle and lift conversion rates. This scalable enterprise solution is capable of supporting massive, high-volume sites. cxOverstat is integrated with Tealeaf’s leading Customer Experience Management solution, allowing companies to identify struggle hot spots, correlate with Voice of the Customer feedback and tracking Customer Experience Management Key Performance Indicators.

Tealeaf/Worklight® Integration

This integration will provide:

  • Visibility into mobile user success and failure. Make the right mobile investment decisions – fix, invest or remove
  • Accelerated time-to-market for winning mobile services
  • Pre-integrated Tealeaf capture libraries into Worklight apps
  • A more ubiquitous Tealeaf capability that is easier to turn on and immediately receive value from minimal new development – just turn on and point to Tealeaf
  • Complete visibility into the mobile customer experience that requires minimal integration work. The business can deploy the capability w/o requiring more involvement from application development
  • The ability to enable Tealeaf for hybrid and native apps without having to retrofit apps with another library

B2B Cloud Foundation Release: Global Foundation Release #1 (February 5, 2013) – North America Disaster Recovery Improvements including 5-hour RTO (Return to Operations) and 4-hour RPO (Recovery Point Objective), as well as other global product enhancements.

  • Customers can leverage the scale and availability of the cloud infrastructure for all B2B interactions and mitigate the risk of lengthy downtime in the event of data center disaster
  • Access to any “global” trading partner and global support (client and partner)
  • Any-to-any protocol, mapping and data format conversion
  • Global regional protocols and standards

IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience Integration with WebSphere® Commerce v7

IBM clients who use the Websphere Commerce platform can benefit from IBM’s Tealeaf solutions. Companies using the Websphere Commerce platform can go to market with Tealeaf solutions faster and in a cost-effective manner by using the pre built integration with IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience. Clients can accelerate their cross-channel strategies using the qualitative and quantitative customer experience information captured by IBM Tealeaf to explore opportunities for improvement and innovation, drive requirements and set priorities.

Sterling Order Management Release 9.2.1

Brings the omni-channel experience to the store by integrating the POS experience through Toshiba’s TCxGravity POS solution. Enhances ship from store fulfillment capabilities to optimize inventory.

  • Increase customer advocacy by extending the omni- channel experience to the store, allowing consumers to shop seamlessly across all touchpoints
  • Increase revenue with targeted offers and promotions to consumers in the store based on their order history across all channels
  • Store based fulfillment optimizes inventory in every location/enhances customer experience by reducing the time it takes for an order to be delivered

Emptoris V10.0.1 Strategic Supply Management

This release allows existing IBM Emptoris customers to update to Version 10 and migrate their existing data. Allow customers to access the new capabilities in Version 10:

  • Cross-suite access to accurate and consistent supplier information (Virtual Supply Master)
  • Enhanced contract management authoring capabilities
  • Centralized user management and enhanced cross-suite navigation

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