Buy Track

Are you obtaining the full value from your procurement processes while getting the most out of your supply chain? How effectively are you synchronising business-to-business interactions across your extended value chain? What if you could maximise the savings from the buying process while still ensuring procurement compliance throughout the enterprise? Today's supply chains and sourcing strategies must innovate and transform constantly, adopting new processes and sharing best practices that remove costs, drive operational excellence, and adapt to demand/supply volatility.

Learn how you can benefit from market leading solutions focused on delivering results to supply chain organisations and procurement groups covering all aspects of the “Buy” category, from requisition to settle. Session leaders both from your peer group and members of the IBM team will share best practices and lessons learned from personal experience, all to inspire and prepare you to optimise and transform your relationship with your suppliers.

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Market Track

Smarter Commerce uses deep customer insight gleaned from behaviors across offline and online channels to deliver timely, personalised engagements across multiple channels and touch points. The world’s best marketing organisations leverage IBM solutions to take customer experience and engagement to the next level.

During Smarter Commerce Global Summit– Monaco, leading marketers, merchandisers, and customer experience professionals will gather to network, share best practices, explore new technologies, hear viewpoints from IBM’s team of experts and chart an exciting course to Smarter Commerce. Whether you use these technologies now or are exploring your options, each session will inform and inspire.

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Sell Track

Are you being challenged to deliver revenue growth, acquire new customers and enhance the customer experience? Successful organizations today are required to enable customers and partners so they can buy, exchange information, and collaborate across all touch points, spanning human, digital, social, and mobile, optimised according to their preferences.

This track focuses on the benefits B2B and B2C companies can realise through cross-channel, multi-tier selling and fulfillment initiatives that integrate precision marketing, merchandising, order management, content management and the overall customer experience across all channels. Industry trends and best practices of IBM customers will offer valuable insights.

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Service Track

Competition and rising client demands have intensified the pressure on companies around the globe to provide an exceptional customer experience and deliver unprecedented customer service. With the increasing access to information and alternative products, customers expect a highly personalised experience and will selectively choose who to do business with based on the quality and level of service they receive.

Today, successful organisations know the importance of better understanding who their customers are, what they want, how they shop and what their sentiments are on products purchased and services received. They anticipate behavior and effectively respond to customer needs from the first touch point and throughout the customer lifecycle.

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