Global Summit 2014 Tampa
Moments matter.

May 12-15, 2014 | Tampa Convention Center


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Make Moments Matter

Thank you for making the Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2014 a success! We know that every interaction is a moment of truth, and a moment that matters. By infusing intelligence and context into every commerce process, you can become essential to customers, partners and suppliers. Leaders from marketing, eCommerce, procurement and supply chain management, customer service and IT are leveraging Smarter Commerce capabilities to deliver relevant experiences, fueled by the power of cloud, mobile, social, big data and analytics to create value and profitable revenue.

As our thanks for your time at the event, below is a wealth of content from the Global Summit for you. Please share it with your colleagues, customers and partners.

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Continue your learning! Explore resources by track:

Continue your learning! Explore resources by track: