Smarter Commerce for Retail

Moments matter in the new world of retail

Retailers recognize that in today's world, the consumer—connected, informed and empowered through mobile technologies and social media—is in charge. Market leaders are gaining competitive edge with an integrated approach that extends brand value, deepens customer relationships and drives operational efficiency.

With Smarter Commerce solutions, high performing retailers are able to:

Putting the customer at the heart of business operations —that's the power of Smarter Commerce for retail. Explore the solutions below to learn more.

Featured Solutions

  • Customer Engagement

    Customer Engagement

    Seamless, omni-channel customer experience across all channels.

  • Omni-Channel Marketing

    Omni-Channel Marketing

    Seamless personalized experiences across channels to increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and sales.

  • Digital Marketing Optimization

    Digital Marketing Optimization

    Orchestration of digital interactions to attract and retain new visitors, and grow revenue.

  • Decision Optimization

    Decision Optimization

    Make better decisions by examining all options to prescribe the best possible decision for the business.