IBM® Delivery and Service Scheduling —a capability of IBM Order Management— enables you to schedule delivery, installation, and other add-on services at the time of the order and provide promise dates for the entire order, including services. It helps you to optimize your service providers’ network so you can select an individual service provider or allocate an entire crew to ensure that all your customers’ expectations are met. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased revenue by providing additional service offerings at the time of sale
  • Optimized product and service fulfillment based on item and resource availability
  • Improved customer satisfaction through accurate scheduling for one-time or on-going services

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IBM Order Management

IBM Order Management

Coordinate order fulfillment from various channels and across the extended enterprise.

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Delivery and service scheduling capabilities allow you to maintain a wide network of service specialists—internal employees, external resources or a combination—depending on the geography. The availability of these resources can be viewed and scheduled when entering an item into an order or as a separate order transaction.

  • Schedule multiple resources to a project and sequence them based on requirements.
  • Manage your extended services network with rules-based promising, provider selection, and crew allocation.
  • Integrate control of inventory, delivery and services execution.
  • Monitor orders proactively so corrective measures can be applied if necessary.