Reverse logistics - a capability of IBM Order Management - can improve the efficient handling of returns processes such as individual customer returns, complex bulk returns and return dispositions, as well as a repair and return process. Some of the benefits include:

  • Reduced reverse logistics processing costs by eliminating manual processes
  • Improved inventory utilization by enabling directed workflow processes
  • Improved customer experience by enabling them to exchange anywhere, regardless of the channel used to originally purchase the product

Capabilities for reverse logistics can automate your exchange and repair processes through directed workflows such as return to stock or return to supplier. It enables you to improve your margins as well as customer satisfaction by giving you control over your exchange, repair, and disposition processes.

  • Manage various product dispositions with directed workflow processes such as sell from returned location, exchange, repair, or destroy
  • Link multiple exchange/repair requests to original sales orders to enable complete order lifecycle tracking
  • Integrate manufacturers, trading partners, logistics providers and customers for efficient customer service

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