IBM® Global Inventory Visibility —a capability of IBM Order Management—provides a comprehensive view of all your inventory information for efficient utilization and promising. It aggregates inventory from your internal and external locations, depicting what is being supplied, what is in transit, and the current demand. Some of the benefits include:

  • Improved product availability and inventory utilization with complete view of all supply and demand
  • Reduction in lost sales resulting from stock-outs by providing your customers alternative options to purchase from other locations, or having it shipped to their location
  • Increased customer satisfaction by providing accurate promise dates using real-time available-to-promise inventory information

Sterling Order Management enables us to ensure the right inventory is available…

David Kardesh, CIO Cabela’s

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IBM Order Management

IBM Order Management

Coordinate order fulfillment from various channels and across the extended enterprise.

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With Global Inventory Visibility, your customers can confidently place complex orders involving multiple fulfillment, installation and service partners and be provided with an accurate promise date for the entire order. Your customers can purchase from an “endless aisle” of inventory accessible from wherever it resides across your extended supply chain.

  • Gain visibility into global, multi-site inventory through a role-specific single console.
  • Leverage advanced inventory search and fulfillment capabilities.
  • Provide accurate available-to-promise dates for all products and services being sold across your entire supply chain.