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IBM Decision Optimization Center offers an integrated development environment (IDE) based on the Eclipse framework which supports the different phases of optimization-based tailored solution development:

Slashing development costs

Building a good decision-support application takes time and experience. It requires building the sophisticated behavior associated with scenario creation and comparison, controlled relaxation of constraints, and goal balancing. Creating the user interface screens needed to review data inputs, operating constraints, preferences, costs, yield assumptions, goals and solution metrics also requires considerable effort. IBM Decision Optimization Center offers out-of-the-box implementation for these, and many more, commonly used functionalities of planning and scheduling applications. In a few minutes, some simple but effective views and interactions can be configured to fulfill most basic needs. And Decision Optimization Center also simplifies constructing more complex views needed for sophisticated users.


When configuring standard components is not enough, IBM Decision Optimization Center includes documented Java API to enable customization of its functionality. For example, the software developer can include a specific Java-based custom view with maps and diagrams, using the embedded IBM ILOG JViews Enterprise Developer. Other examples are custom data connector or custom data interaction. With Decision Optimization Center, you can automatically create and maintain a Domain Object Model, a Java realization of the application data model, that enables you to customize views and behaviors in the business user interface.

Gantt, Maps, Diagrams, Dashboards

Examples of custom visualization inside IBM Decision Optimization Center using IBM ILOG JViews Enterprise.


The modularity of IBM Decision Optimization Center enables using some modules independently of others. The Java API allows, for example, using an application developed in Decision Optimization Center from a custom user interface or integrating it into an existing application. This application can still benefit from using the central scenario repository and the Optimization Server.

Perfect fit

Through the customizability and the modularity of IBM Decision Optimization Center, developers can create a solution architecture that fits perfectly to their business needs.

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