Cloud solutions that enable companies to personalize the message

Marketing Solutions for IBM SmartCloud for Smarter Commerce

  • IBM Marketing Center

    IBM Marketing Center

    An all-in-one marketing platform, IBM Marketing Center combines customer analytics with real-time marketing execution. This end-to-end marketing platform includes digital marketing analytics, A/B testing, email marketing, site personalization and more, in one intuitive application.

  • Coremetrics Digital Marketing Optimization Suite

    Coremetrics Digital Marketing Optimization Suite

    Marketers are racing faster than ever before to harness the unprecedented explosion of technology, transparency, and social interactions that their customers are adopting. IBM Coremetrics Digital Marketing Optimization enables marketers to capitalize on this opportunity by bringing science to the art of marketing. Through the fusion of customer profiles, sophisticated web analytics and a broad portfolio of digital marketing applications, IBM empowers marketers to turn browsers and online visitors into repeat customers and loyal advocates by orchestrating a compelling experience throughout each customer’s digital lifecycle.

  • Coremetrics Enterprise Analytics

    Coremetrics Enterprise Analytics

    IBM Coremetrics Enterprise Analytics is an addition for users of IBM Coremetrics Web Analytics. It is designed for organizations who have deployed a large number of microsites, mobile applications, and other digital properties across brands, geographies, or for unique audiences or business initiatives. IBM's solution offers global reporting capabilities with specialized navigation and advanced roll-up logic for enterprises whose business success depends on the coordinated management of 10s or 1000s of digital properties and social widgets.

  • Coremetrics Multichannel Analytics

    Coremetrics Multichannel Analytics

    With the most flexible and open data architecture for any cloud-based analytics platform, IBM Coremetrics Multichannel Analytics enables users to enrich analytics and customer profiles with third party data, including offline data sources. Marketers can correlate online and offline customer behavior to further optimize and target marketing campaigns using a much broader set of customer information.

  • Coremetrics Social Analytics

    Coremetrics Social Analytics

    IBM Coremetrics Social Analytics provides online marketers with a centralized console for analyzing social media channels and campaigns. Its seamless integration with the IBM Coremetrics Digital Marketing Optimization Suite allows users to track social channels alongside other online marketing channels to help understand the performance (ROI) of campaigns to allocate marketing resources more effectively.

  • Coremetrics Digital Data Exchange

    Coremetrics Digital Data Exchange

    IBM Coremetrics Digital Data Exchange provides an easy solution for companies to take advantage of IBM and third-party services providing a single source for the collection and distribution of real-time behavioral digital data. IBM's solution radically simplifys the management and ongoing maintenance of page tags with minimal IT support.

  • Coremetrics Intelligent Offer

    Coremetrics Intelligent Offer

    IBM Coremetrics Intelligent Offer automatically generates personalized product recommendations based on each customer's current and historical shopping interests, wisdom of the crowd, and flexible business rules to present customers with the most relevant, effective, and timely recommendation possible for wherever they are in the buying process. Personalized product recommendations are proven to increase sales, conversion rates, average order value, and customer retention.

  • Unica Email Optimization

    Unica Email Optimization

    IBM Unica Email Optimization delivers unprecedented insight into the efficacy of email campaigns while protecting a company’s brand across channels. Through deliverability testing, diagnostics and design optimization tools that optimize and test the rendering of their email and landing pages across mobile, web and desktop email clients, marketers can ensure the success of their digital communications. In addition to ensuring a brand’s integrity marketers can determine the viral value of their email content and ensure accurate rendering of links and images as they will be rendered across social networks.

  • Unica eMessage

    Unica eMessage

    IBM Unica eMessage turns segmentation into targeted delivery by extending IBM Unica Campaign’s robust campaign management technology to establish and sustain cross channel dialogues. Marketers can leverage the power of IBM Unica Campaign through the hybridized eMessage solution and deliver optimized email and mobile digital communications to the right person at the right time.

  • Unica Marketing Operations OnDemand

    Unica Marketing Operations OnDemand

    IBM Unica Marketing Operations OnDemand provides the accountability and oversight marketing departments require in order to speed campaigns to market. Through a hosted set of task management, approval, collaboration and strategic budgeting tools, marketing organizations can work together seamlessly regardless of their geographic locations. Marketing Operations OnDemand optimizes back office processes and systems helping marketers achieve efficiencies across departments and disciplines and even across external supporting agencies.

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