You know the drill, “Can you set this one little transfer up to feed this application?” and “Oh, and can you also send an email when it finishes?” You probably have hundreds or thousands of these little scripts that were not too hard to implement, but are hard to maintain, monitor and manage. And now a new requirement comes along like, “All internal transfers must be encrypted.” How are you going to update all those scripts? How do you document all of those transfers for compliance reporting?

Managed File Transfer simplifies automation
Sterling Managed File Transfer™ offers you simplified automation patterns that will greatly reduce the number of scripts that you have to write and maintain. It will also reduce the time it takes to build a new connection, while giving you central management and monitoring. Simplified automation is achieved through:

Find out more about Sterling Managed File Transfer, a comprehensive solution to gain control and oversight of the massive movement of critical corporate data.

Sterling File Transfer Service - a cloud service for file based business interactions with trading partners

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