Do you find yourself dealing with compensating controls, certifications, regulatory reporting, and security audits? The level of industry and government oversight for the security of consumer identity information is growing exponentially, and having a direct impact on data movement. All of this comes at a time when acquisitions, outsourcing, and globalization are requiring even more data be sent outside the four walls.

Managed File Transfer makes compliance easier
Sterling Managed File Transfer™ has central visibility and monitoring capabilities that provide a central database of all file transfer events against which reports can be generated. This means every failure and success can be documented and validated. Additionally, compliance is simplified through:

  • Access control with central management of user roles and responsibilities
  • Audit trails with central reporting for all file transfer activity and proof of transaction
  • Policy enforcement with central configuration management
  • License key management, including the ability to import keys from email

Find out more about Sterling Managed File Transfer the comprehensive solution to gain control and oversight of the massive movement of critical corporate data.

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