3 Steps to Dynamic Pricing

Three Steps to Dynamic Pricing

Retailing today is a world of constant change. Businesses need to be able to quickly and intelligently react to competitors and market activity to win price-sensitive customers.

Attracting and retaining customers with insights-driven dynamic pricing

Attracting and retaining customers with insights-driven dynamic pricing

Imagine a world where you can sense and respond in real-time to competitor pricing changes and market fluctuations. Download this white paper to learn how retailers can use dynamic pricing across all channels to beat the competition.

Intelligent Pricing at Digital Speed

Dynamic Pricing: Reprice in real-timeRe-price in real time
With retailers one click away from losing a shopper in the online channel, Dynamic Pricing enables the execution of real-time pricing recommendations at the scale and speed required in today’s constantly changing retail environment.


Dynamic Pricing: Sense and respond to out-price the competitionSense and respond to out-price the competition
By applying price sensitivity to determine competitive reaction, retailers can tailor their response to competitor changes and market fluctuations, to make more intelligent pricing decisions.

Dynamic Pricing: Bring together online and offline pricingBring together online and offline pricing
As retail channels blur, price coordination across every touch point becomes essential. Use data and insight from physical stores to influence and price confidently online.

Dynamic Pricing: Bring together online and offline pricingEmpower business users
An intuitive dynamic pricing system, designed for and with online merchandisers, means retailers can achieve desired business outcomes faster. Easy set up, automated processes and data visualizations enable users to focus on critical pricing activities, manage by exception and save hours a day.

See IBM Dynamic Pricing in action

Watch the demo to see how IBM Dynamic Pricing can help you price competitively online to improve revenue, margin and customer loyalty.

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