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IBM Digital Marketing Optimization Solution

Increase relevancy and sales with real-time, personalized digital marketing

Real-time Digital Marketing Add-ons for IBM Digital Analytics

In-depth insights are only as valuable as the programs and campaigns they drive. Going from analysis to action is the key to digital marketing success. IBM Digital Analytics provides marketers with more than comprehensive data—it delivers a roadmap for consistently improving marketing results and increasing the return on every investment. When you add the personalization power of IBM Marketing Center and IBM Product Recommendations to this state-of-the-art analytics solution, you can turn insights into targeted marketing actions in just a few clicks—everything from email marketing, split testing, campaign management and execution, to results tracking, site personalization, dynamic product recommendations and more.

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Data Sheet: IBM Marketing Center

Data Sheet: IBM Product Recommendations

A Day in the Life with Marketing Center

A “Day in the Life” of a marketer with IBM Marketing Center. IBM Multichannel Marketing Evangelist, Akin Arikan walks through the features and benefits and shows you how to get more business value out of your marketing dollar.

Five Ways to Create and Optimize Your Personalization Programs

On the Cloud or on the Ground in 2012? Deployment Models for Marketers

Read this white paper to discover five ways to create and optimize your personalization programs, and get the steps you need to continuously manage, measure and boost the results out of every initiative. You’ll learn:

  • How to create realistic goals and programs in order to launch your initiative sooner
  • Tips for putting yourself in your customers' shoes in order to plan a strategy that works at every key conversion point
  • Questions to ask yourself in order to evaluate and reassess the program and ensure ongoing success

Orvis Increases Cross Sell Revenues by 70 percent

What's New: A Comprehensive, Cloud-based Marketing Analytics and Execution Center

The day IBM Product Recommendations went live, revenues from product recommendations increased by 70 percent, and the site has sustained that level over time. Learn how, in addition to the direct revenue lift, Orvis estimates that IBM Product Recommendations saves approximately 8 to 10 merchant hours each week.