Smarter Commerce for Consumer Products

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Smarter Commerce: Moments with customers matter

For a consumer products company to transform their value chain, it must have the capability to apply insights from a 360-degree customer view and comprehensively track and monitor demand information. It must also provide a single face to the customer that masks an organization’s internal operations, which can result in a positive customer experience. And, it must move beyond transactional supply chain enterprise systems and operational rules of thumb to more-advanced optimization and supply chain technologies. With seamless and secure integration of key business processes along with insightful business analytics, consumer product companies can better manage their supplier interactions, improve inventory and logistics management and enhance the fulfillment of customer and consumer experiences.

Putting Smarter Commerce in Action

To succeed in today’s marketplace, consumer product companies must focus on flawless execution when connecting with the new consumer, managing supply chain efficiencies and collaborating with channel partners. Essentially, they must change the way their products are sourced, manufactured, distributed and sold. IBM’s Smarter Commerce solutions provide a new approach that transforms how quickly consumer product companies can better manage the consumer and customer experience along with creating a more adaptive supply chain. Placing the customer at the center of decisions and actions helps drive new levels of company differentiation, leading to greater consumer loyalty, revenue and margin growth, and agility. Discover how IBM Smarter Commerce solutions are positively impacting consumer product organizations and how we can work with you to apply these industry-leading practices to your business.

Smarter Commerce for Consumer Products. Download the solution overview (518KB).

Smarter Commerce for Consumer Products.

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