Smarter Commerce for Consumer Electronics

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Redefining the value chain in the age of the connected consumer

.The Consumer Electronics industry is faced with unparalleled change. New product introductions are frequent, and often eagerly awaited. These products often have a short lifecycle, too, meaning that it is imperative to maximize revenues per product in a short time frame. In addition, consumers have become “massively connected” – they don’t want standalone products, they want devices that can communicate with one another and interoperate to provide a more compelling and interesting experience. This has become true across the board for all manner of consumer electronics including personal computing equipment, home entertainment devices, appliances, cell phones, and cameras, just to name a few. Moreover, customers increasingly are turning to each other via social media or other sites to determine what they will buy, not relying upon – or perhaps even trusting – what the manufacturer says on their site. These changes call for a new path forward that IBM calls Smarter Commerce, creating customer-driven buying experiences and adaptive supply chains.

Putting Smarter Commerce in Action

Smarter Commerce requires a profoundly different way to market, sell, and service your products, in addition to ensuring that the way you operate your supply chain is fully aligned. To help you realize this new way of doing business, IBM has assembled a portfolio of technologies and services that enable you to maximize the insight generated through customer interactions; capitalize on social and mobile commerce; synchronize your entire value chain to deliver consistent and predictable outcomes; and, improve collaboration and visibility for your customers & partners. Find out how IBM is making Consumer Electronics smarter with Smarter Commerce and how we can work with you to apply these industry-leading practices to your business.

Smarter Commerce for Consumer Electronics. Download solution overview (1.08MB).

Featured Solutions

  • Supply Chain Management

    Supply Chain Management

    Provide planning and execution solutions to enable companies to anticipate, control and react to demand and supply volatility within the supply chain.

  • Selling Solutions

    Selling Solutions

    Deliver a seamless, customer-centric buying experience for products and services across all available channels.

  • Order Management

    Order Management

    Enable companies to manage the order lifecycle and orchestrate complex order fulfillment processes across a dynamic business network.

  • B2B Integration

    B2B Integration

    Enable the secure and seamless execution of multi-enterprise business processes.

  • Decision Optimization

    Decision Optimization

    Make better decisions by applying advanced analytics to automatically prescribe actions or strategies