Smarter Commerce for Communications

Moments matter in the digital world of communications

In today's on demand digital world, communication service providers are challenged to compete aggressively for increasingly savvy customers, and to protect fragile margins by improving business operations. Market leaders are gaining a competitive edge using an integrated approach to engage and delight customers at every moment that matters, across the entire customer experience lifecycle.

Using IBM Smarter Commerce solutions, communications providers are able to:

You can exceed the expectations of your customers to achieve competitive edge. That's the power of Smarter Commerce for communications. Explore the solutions below to learn more.

Featured Solutions

  • Digital Analytics

    Digital Analytics

    Gain insight from digital analytics and comparative benchmarks

  • Managed File Transfer

    Managed File Transfer

    Governance of data transfers critical to synchronizing systems, businesses and people across extended value chains.

  • Customer Experience Management

    Customer Experience Management

    See your digital channels through the eyes of your customers by experiencing your web and mobile business just as they do