Smarter Commerce for Communications Service Providers

Building Greater Customer Advocacy in Communications. How CSPs can improve customer loyalty in a connected world. Learn more.

Redefining Value in the Age of the Empowered Customer


In today’s communications market—where customers have greater choice that ever—service providers must foster customer advocates who will promote the service provider to other customers as well increase their spending with the provider. Customer advocates are created by deepening the relationship the customer has with the service provider through a superior customer experience and differentiating product and service options. At the same time, recent economic times have encouraged service providers to keep a keen eye on operational performance to control costs while improving the customer experience. We call this path forward for communications service providers Smarter Commerce…focusing on deepening their relationships with their customers to build greater customer advocacy where customers are more loyal, increase their spending, and proactively promote the service provider’s brand to other customer… while improving operational efficiency to protect fragile margins.

Putting Smarter Commerce In Action
IBM’s integrated portfolio for Smarter Commerce enables service provider’s to deliver a differentiated customer experience while improving operational efficiency by transforming and optimizing key business processes across the commerce life cycle, from new product introduction to promotion and offer awareness to ordering and fulfillment through to service and support, while enabling seamless cross-channel execution. The time is now to investigate where and how a Smarter Commerce strategy and approach can elevate your customer’s experience and your company’s performance to the next level of excellence. Find out how IBM is helping communications service provider drive greater customer advocacy with Smarter Commerce and how we can work with you to apply these industry-leading practices to your business.

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