Smarter Commerce for Banking

Moments matter in the high-speed world of banking

Today's banking customers demand trust, transparency, varied offerings and multiple channels through which to do business—and banks must meet these demands while addressing tough cost, risk and compliance requirements.

To remain competitive, market leaders are transforming themselves with sophisticated insights and analytics to better understand their customers, improve risk decision-making, and develop high-demand products and services. IBM Smarter Commerce solutions help banks integrate systems and processes across the enterprise, engaging the customer with the right information at the time, place and device of his or her choice, resulting in:

Continuous, intelligent customer engagement—that’s the power of Smarter Commerce for banking. Explore the solutions below to learn more.

Featured Solutions

  • Managed File Transfer

    Managed File Transfer

    Governance of data transfers critical to synchronizing systems, businesses and people across extended value chains.

  • Omni-Channel Marketing

    Omni-Channel Marketing

    Seamless personalized experiences across channels to increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and sales.

  • B2B Integration

    B2B Integration

    Synchronized information flows with the external business community to drive growth and improve performance