Smarter Commerce for Banking

Smarter Customers, Smarter Commerce: Innovations for the Banking Industry. The banking industry is being transformed in response to the economic, regulatory, and technological forces around it. Download the white paper

Redefining value in the age of the empowered customer

Smarter Commerce by IBM helps to put the customer at the heart of business models, and can help banks be more competitive. Banks that are using the approach are emerging as the leaders in today’s industry while they shift away from product-oriented services, and silos, toward offering personalized client centric service.

While customer focus is not a new idea, truly making it happen requires banks to change how, where, and when they engage with their customers. To become smarter, bankers must improve data management and their ability to glean analytical insights from it, to really know their customers, and to anticipate their needs and to offer them the right product/service, at the right time for the right risk and relationship adjusted price; then to be able to engage 7/24 wherever, and however the customer want to act on the offer. To be able to execute against this vision banks must be able to integrate their systems and processes from the customer to the bank and then though the bank’s front, middle and back offices back out to the customer, safely, securely and reliably, with the content and ability to fulfill on the offer the customer acted on.

IBM. Smarter Commerce for Banking. Download the solution overview (345KB)

Featured Solutions

  • Managed File Transfer

    Managed File Transfer

    Seamless, reliable and secure data delivery to improve business performance

  • Campaign Management Solutions

    Campaign Management Solutions

    Engage each customer and prospect in a cross-channel dialog that builds on past and current behavior.

  • B2B Integration

    B2B Integration

    Enable the secure and seamless execution of multi-enterprise business processes

  • Integration and Collaboration Solutions

    Integration and Collaboration Solutions

    Builds on the cloud-based B2B integration and visibility capabilities of IBM® Sterling B2B Collaboration Network to provide comprehensive partner onboarding, B2B process management, and trading partner support services.

  • IBM Payment Solutions

    Financial Transaction Manager

    Seamlessly execute, monitor, audit, and track payments or securities transactions and messages

  • Decision Optimization

    Decision Optimization

    Make better decisions by applying advanced analytics to automatically prescribe actions or strategies