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How well are you leveraging process automation of disparate and manual processes to increase productivity, reduce costs, and maximize margins? Many companies not only rely on old technology, but also on manual data entry to process information. One human error can lead to delays in information entering the supply chain, as well as errors all along the supply chain.

B2B Integration solutions extend internal business processes to external partners
Sterling B2B Integration solutionsimprove operational efficiency by seamlessly automating and extending internal IT and business processes to external partners. This enables paper based process to be eliminated and minimizes human intervention required to create, transfer, convert, route and process business information through:

Leverage these products and solutions to automate your manual processes:

Sterling Collaboration Network: A hosted service providing secure connectivity and collaboration with customers and business partners.

Sterling Fax Conversion Services: Convert incoming faxes to EDI or XML documents and reverse the process for outgoing documents, while proactively alerting both senders and recipients of potential problems.

Sterling Integrator: Software that powers business process orchestrations, high-volume electronic message exchange, complex routing, translation, and flexible interaction with multiple internal systems and external business partners.

Sterling Web Forms: Provides an economical way to exchange documents over the Internet. Your trading community can access electronic business forms, which they can fill out and return to you in minutes.

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