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Sterling B2B Integration Services Basic

Features and Benefits

Capability Description
Transition Services IBM Sterling Commerce provides project coordination to support your transition to the B2B integration services platform
Infrastructure and
The people skills, technology and resources to monitor, maintain, and operate your B2B Environment 24/7
Support services The geographical coverage, language support, availability and level of expertise to meet your support needs
Visibility services Provide you with reporting, alerting, and a real-time view into your business processes and associated transaction data
Community services Access to the community development peoples' skills, tools and processes developed and managed by IBM Sterling Commerce to reach the goal of 100% electronic trading through:

• Trading Partner Conversion Programs
• Trading Partner Consolidation Programs
• Trading Partner Recruitment Programs
• Web Forms
• Fax conversion services
• Managed AS2
Translation services and Mapping services • Seamlessly integrate business partner transactions with your back-end applications
• Support any data type or format with our data translation and custom mapping services, including:
- Map Development
- Map Maintenance
- Map Support
- MRS Testing
- MRS Maintenance
Real-time Multienterprise Processing Services Next generation of integration-as-a-service, or cloud brokerage capabilities, which expand the reach of B2B by allowing B2B document exchange or “punchout”, and document enrichment in real-time.

IBM Sterling Synchronous B2B Process Service. This service provides real-time website inquiry and response processing as well as the synchronous exchange of supply chain documents. It supports the exchange of messages with trading partners, almost regardless of differing web service interfaces
IBM Sterling Process Enrichment Service. This service delivers the ability within a standard B2B document flow to connect to an external data source, either validating information within the business document or gathering additional information that can enrich the content
Sterling Information Broker Communicate securely with anyone, anywhere regardless of protocols or gateway with our dial-tone reliable value added
network (VAN)

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