What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is widely-used technology for the automated exchange of documents between dissimilar applications. It allows value chain partners to exchange purchase orders, invoices, advance ship notices, and other business documents directly from one business system to the other, without human intervention. Proven advantages are fewer errors, lower administrative costs, and faster order-to-cash cycles.

Why IBM for Electronic Data Interchange solutions?

IBM is your single source for EDI business process automation and integration. We can help you accommodate trading partners regardless of their size and technical capabilities. And we let you choose the delivery option that best fits your business and business needs.

IBM was a pioneer in EDI technology and has been at the forefront of its evolution ever since. Today, thousands of companies around the world rely on our EDI products and services.

Easy, reliable, and incredibly versatile, IBM EDI software and solutions are the best value for your investment. As long as EDI remains an important part of your strategy, IBM will be there to support you with top quality products and services.

Featured Solutions

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    B2B Cloud Services

    IBM® Sterling B2B Cloud Services solutions securely connect and rapidly build your partner communities using B2B cloud solutions along with our expert services to manage B2B operations that drove growth, accelerate ROI, and gain greater control.

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    B2B Gateway & Transformation Engines

    IBM® Sterling B2B Gateways and Transformation Engines enable agile B2B process integration through orchestration, translation and secure routing between internal systems and diverse partner communities to empower growth, adapt to changing business and technology environments and increase value chain efficiency.

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    B2B Process Applications

    IBM Sterling B2B Process Applications are pre-defined, pre-packaged solutions that accelerate the implementation of B2B business processes with external partners to simplify IT complexity, increase competitive advantage, and reduce risk.

. A component of Smarter Commerce. A 21st century EDI strategy enables your entire value chain to source, procure, invoice and collaborate in real-time.

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