IBM® Sterling B2B Integration Services are designed to alleviate the burden on internal resources by providing secure connectivity and collaboration with your customers, suppliers, and business partners. The solution is built on the cloud-based B2B integration and visibility capabilities of IBM Sterling B2B Collaboration Network and provides comprehensive service offerings for partner onboarding, B2B process management, and trading partner support.

Accelerate B2B collaboration with global customers and suppliers by leveraging our B2B expertise

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Provides an Integration as-a-Service platform that automates the transformation of business documents into any required data format or protocol and exchanges them securely to and from any trading partner, in any location. Visibility of the documents being exchanged enables you to better manage the associated B2B process and support your trading partner community.

Builds on the integration-as-a-Service capabilities of Sterling Integration Services Basic by providing B2B process management. IBM B2B experts manage the document send and receive process and works with your staff to resolve any issues. Optional trading partner support extends the service to your trading partner community, regardless of time zones, geographies or languages.

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