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Analyst reports 

Magic Quadrant for Application Infrastructure for Systematic Application Integration Projects

Enterprises need functionality that ranges from basic robust messaging to advanced support for B2B that can be applied to application integration.

Last updated: 05 Jul 2012

Begin Planning Now for Standards-Based Integration

This brief discusses the prospects for standards-based integration and what affect it has on your customer's plans for application integration.

Last updated: 03 Mar 2003


IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Solution Brief

Highlights the features & benefits of this software solution and how it helps companies execute a smarter commerce strategy by synchronizing virtually every part of the value chain

Last updated: 25 May 2012

Meet banking industry challenges head-on with a flexible business integration strategy (G325-2400-00)

This executive brief discusses how a solid business integration foundation can benefit financial institutions and illustrates the features and benefits of e-business on demand in the banking industry.

Last updated: 02 Sep 2004


Business integration solutions for the insurance industry brochure (G325-2329-00)

IBM WebSphere Business Integration for Insurance solutions provide an information and process management framework designed to help you integrate a disparate network of applications, processes and data.

Last updated: 14 Sep 2004

WebSphere Business Integration Solutions brochure (G325-2108-00)

As a part of the IBM WebSphere Business Integration for Retail Distribution portfolio, the IBM Product Information Management solution can help streamline information management processes by sharing accurate, timely information between systems.

Last updated: 03 Sep 2004


B2B Automation Calculator

How much money can you save by automating your manual business processes? Use this online calculator to find out.

Last updated: 29 May 2012


Supply Chain Management Solution Demo

See how IBM can help synchronize your supply chain in the face of volatility and risk with capabilities to optimize supply chain planning, automate execution & analyze performance.

Last updated: 17 Jul 2012

IBM Sterling Supply Chain Visibility Video Demo

IBM Sterling Supply Chain Visibility provides near real-time visibility for faster exception detection, expedited decision making, and more efficient and performance management.

Last updated: 18 Jun 2012

Visibility into your B2B Operations

Companies can improve decision making with real time visibility and alerts into their B2B operations.

Last updated: 09 May 2012

Faster On-Boarding for Smaller Partners

Demonstrates how B2B integration solutions help companies optimize supply chains by making it faster and easier to on-board partners and capabilities including non-EDI partners.

Last updated: 02 May 2012

Optimizing Supplier Collaboration with Supply Chain Visibility

Demonstrates how B2B integration solutions help companies optimize visibility with suppliers while synchronizing their value chain to deliver consistent and predictable outcomes.

Last updated: 02 May 2012

Simplifying Partner Data Exchange in Complex Environments

Demonstrates how B2B integration solutions handle partner data exchange (PO's, ASNs) in a complex environment where partners may be using various data formats and protocols.

Last updated: 02 May 2012

White papers 

One Size Shouldn't Fit All Achieving Partner Engagement with Flexible B2B Integration

Rather than delivering a single, “one size fits all” approach, we have created comprehensive solutions that complement your environment to help maximize resources and help you achi

Last updated: 20 Aug 2012

Security best practices for file based data movement

Data security for file-based data movement is finally getting the attention it deserves.

Last updated: 04 May 2012

Let e-business on demand help turn your market challenges into competitive advantage

The fast-paced financial markets industry, where the success of your business is measured by the precision of routine transactions.

Last updated: 23 Oct 2003

Business Integration Solutions for the Industrial Sector

This executive brief discusses some of the factors that can help you make the right business integration choices to meet the unique requirements of your organization.

Last updated: 12 Feb 2003

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