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Sterling Information Broker® A single, secure and reliable connection to all your business partners

Exchange services Move all your information seamlessly:

  • Comprehensive protocol support including:
  • async, OFTP, or through any Internet, protocol, including Sterling Connect:Direct®, TCP/IP, FTP, FTP/PGP, SMTP, X.400, HTTPS, MQ, and the EDIINT protocols AS1 and AS2
  • Support for multiple data types such as; such as XML, .CSV, iDoc, and many flat file formats in addition to EDI standards
  • Any-to-any data translation
  • 100 public and private networks around the world

Infrastructure services

  • Extensive Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing
  • Highly available network operations (99.95%+ uptime)
  • Data protection and integrity is ensured through strict security policies
  • Semi-annual audits, physical security measures, firewalls, and encryption
  • 24/7 global multi-lingual customer support service centers

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Extend B2B capabilities to your partners and customers regardless of their technical expertise or size

Sterling Supplier Portal Partners simply access a Web site, log in, and enter data on forms to create invoices, purchase orders, Advance Ship Notices (ASN), and so on. When they submit a form, we convert it into the EDI format your systems require.

Sterling Fax Conversion Services Drive down manual processing costs, without requiring your customers to change their current buying behavior, by combining human and artificial intelligence into a single streamlined process to efficiently:

  • Convert fax transactions into EDI or XML
  • Detect and handle errors
  • Keep human intervention to a minimum

Sterling Managed AS2 Gateway A secure intermediary between Internet-based and non-Internet-based partners, managing all the differences in communications, format, content, and security between EDIINT and non-EDIINT transactions, without the expense of having to build complex infrastructure and dedicated support staff.

Sterling Community Development Services The people, processes, and expertise to help you:

  • Build, manage, and extend your B2B community
  • Add and test new documents
  • Migrate your current operations to Sterling Collaboration Network
  • Survey your partners electronic capabilities

Sterling Web Forms Customizable Web forms for improving supplier and customer document exchange

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Communications flexibility regardless of format

Mapping services

Data maps developed, maintained, supported, and tested to your specifications and enables your data to be converted from one format to another. Mapping Services includes the process of gathering the data requirements from the client and building a Mapping Requirements Specification (MRS) from the requirements.

Run time translation for the following formats:

  • EDI to EDI
  • EDI to flat file
  • Flat file to EDI
  • Flat file to flat file
  • EDI to XML
  • XML to EDI
  • XML to XML

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Sterling Supply Chain Visibility Instantly displays and summarizes actionable supply chain information from all electronic trading partners and communities through a single dashboard. Aligned with the order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay business processes.

Document tracking

  • Provides real-time status of EDI interchanges with ability to restore data free of charge.

Document visibility

  • Provides business users with real time status of business documents, such as purchase orders, invoices, and advance ship notices.

Report visibility

  • Enables aggregated views of total document activity by business unit useful for internal and external usage analysis.

Event driven alerts

  • Non-retrieval alerts – e-mail or fax for when critical data isn't picked up by the trading partners
  • Delivery alerts – fax for mailbox data arrival

B2B Process Applications High value applications without the support and infrastructure costs

Sterling Data Synchronization Manager

Communicate valid product data to retail customers via the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN):

  • Meet data synchronization mandates on time and inexpensively
  • Reduce the number of resources necessary to support changing standards and technology associated with the GDSN and XML
  • Reduce errors in promotions, orders, and invoices

Sterling e-Invoicing
Automates both buyer and supplier electronic invoice processes in compliance with country specific tax regulations, reducing corporate risk and exposure, and improving operational efficiencies.

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Sterling B2B Collaboration Network

Rapidly connect, exchange and manage business data with global partners

IBM® Sterling B2B Collaboration Network is a flexible cloud B2B Integration solution providing reliable, secure connectivity and collaboration with customers and business partners. It also delivers unprecedented visibility and control over the business processes shared with outside companies.


  • Improve responsiveness by supporting any data type or format with over 300,000 pre-connected trading entities
  • Boost profit margins by automating business transactions with partners of any size or technical capability
  • Optimize B2B performance by improving strategic decision making with real-time end-to-end process visibility

Value Added Network - A single, secure and reliable connection to all your business partners

Community - Extend B2B capabilities to your partners and customers regardless of their technical expertise or size

Transformation - Communications flexibility regardless of format

Visibility - Real-time insight into your B2B operations

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