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The magic starts when you combine portal functionality, validated corporate information and a social business network

​Michael Min, Strategic Communication and E-marketing Manager, Omron Europe

DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. State Government Victoria

We now have a platform for the future that provides an opportunity to deploy digital and social media tools and communications as technology and our needs evolve.

Pat McCormick, General Manager Online Collaboration & Citizen Engagement, Department of Justice

Birmingham Metropolitan College. Shaping futures, changing lives.

Our teaching staff will be able to collaborate across departments in a way that simply was not possible before, sharing resources and working together in real time.

Dr. Julie Nugent, Executive Director of Organization and Strategic Development, Birmingham Metropolitan College

LaVan & Neidenberg, P.A.

IBM social software has enabled us to automate much of the disability claims process, including government submissions, agency assignments, and email notifications.

Ken LaVan, President, LaVan & Neidenberg

ZurickDavis. great people. great results.

Our IBM and IIUI solution has created an entirely new company-wide culture of information sharing. This helps us better collaborate and make decisions on potential candidates for our clients, enhance customer service, and tap into new marketplaces.

Jeff Zegas, CEO, ZurickDavis


With our new communication and collaboration platform, we can improve information management, retain the knowledge of seasonal staff within the company, and thus increase customer satisfaction in our resorts.

Bernd Schindler, CIO, ROBINSON Club GmbH


We have customers we only engage through social media, whom we hadn\'t known of before, but just followed there, saw their discussion, and saw we could help.

Erik Vos, Founder of RealConnections

Fort Worth

We now work hand-in-hand with county and state public safety organizations during emergency situations and events such as the Super Bowl to communicate faster and more efficiently with field personnel and public safety agencies. Our new command center is now highly organized and the residents of Texas are safer thanks to the collaboration with IBM and UnifiedEdge.

Juan Ortiz, Emergency Management Coordinator for the City of Fort Worth\'s Office of Emergency Management


The social networking capabilities provided by IBM Connections have played an important role in the success of this initiative.

Alex Segrt, IT Project Manager, Earthwatch


Our social network based on IBM Connections technologies provides us with continuous, personalized information exchange, increasing the efficiency of interactions between students and university staff.

Nikolai Kurmyshev, Head of IT, NovSU

Saxion Hogescholen

Using IBM Connections to become a social organization provides huge value to students and faculty in that they can easily find and connect with each other to share valuable information and expertise.

Co Braspenning, Information Security Officer, Information Architect, Saxion University of Applied Sciences

Southern California EDISON®. An EDISON INTERNATIONAL® Company.

[IBM] software is helping improve optimization—both speeding up and flattening our organization. It is also helping us streamline our processes and get the same amount of work done in fewer steps.

Gretchen Heyman, Director of IT finance, Southern California Edison

Amadori. Passione di Famiglia

The mini-sites have dramatically improved Amadori’s online profile—something which is demonstrated by increasingly high levels of user interest on the ‘Amadori Peopoll’ facebook page. The number of ‘Amadori Peopoll’ fans on Facebook has grown to over 45,000 in under a year!

Marco Magnaghi, Business Innovation Manager, Amadori

Australian Bureal of Statistics

We think that IBM Connections software is going to be a good enabler for making sure that knowledge stays discoverable, relevant, and accessible.

Duncan Young, Chief of Technology Infrastructure, Australian Bureau of Statistics


We never set a goal to be ‘social.’ We just focused on what was key to helping ensure our success, which I believed was improved collaboration with customers.

Antoine Leboyer, CEO, GSX

Full Finance

The LotusLive Engage solution helps us differentiate ourselves in a competitive market. We are more productive and efficient and can provide clients with additional, valuable services for the same hourly rate.

Henk Aardoom, Senior Consultant, Full Finance


With LotusLive cloud services, information doesn’t get buried. If you check the to-do list, you can see any remaining tasks at a glance, so all team members share the same common information.

Takao Yoshimura, Software Business Division Chief, NAVIO Computer

ETF. Working together. Learning for life.

IBM Connections software has provided a major boost in efficiency, letting us do things in ways to which we’re accustomed and also enjoy our work more.

Ian Cumming, Knowledge Management Specialist, European Training Foundation

Kurimoto, LTD.

Users are saying that SKILLOOP has resolved the problem of not knowing whom to ask for advice. This has been helpful in increasing people’s skills.

Akitoshi Oda, Chief of Technology Management, Kurimoto

integra legal

The innovative approach offered by the PPM system has created a streamlined work environment that maximizes the use and effectiveness of resources.

Anna Liscia, Senior Partner, Integra Legal

Cruz Roja Chilena

This solution has modernized our organization, helping us achieve our goal of becoming a more efficient humanitarian organization in providing relief aid and saving lives.

Ismael Espina, IT administrator, Chilean Red Cross

Tateyama Kagaku Group

IBM LotusLive Engage software provides us with real-time communication capabilities and plays a central role in helping us smoothly execute a collaborative endeavor with a key business associate.

Tateyama System Laboratory

Bank Hapoalim

... an investment banker polled his peers in the investment banking community for their opinions concerning customers’ questions, in real time. The customers were impressed that he could reach out in this simple manner to advise them ... they viewed the bank as very accessible and innovative for leveraging the power of the community in this way.

Naama Halevi, Organizational Portal Manager, Bank Hapoalim


... employees can then search for this information and locate colleagues who have the skills they need. They can then communicate via phone, email, instant message or online collaboration tools such as blogs, wikis and discussion forums...

Jan-Willem Sigtermans, Director of Human


With IBM Connections, we can achieve a whole new kind of collaboration across the breadth of our organization.

Johan Vermij, Project Manager, TeamPark, Sogeti

Danske Fysioterapeuter

Chatting online with other physiotherapists can be a great way for our members to answer each others’ questions, share knowledge of new techniques, or build professional relationships.

Mikael Mølgaard, Manager of Communications at Danske Fysioterapeuter

CEMEX. Building the future.

It can make a big company look like a small company.

Gilberto Garcia, Innovation Director, CEMEX


With SPACE, we can collaborate more quickly, more efficiently, at a deeper level to foster innovation and see our work in a new light.

CEO, Berlitz

China Telecom

The IBM solution enables us to deliver exciting products to the marketplace at a faster pace than ever before.

Niu Gang, Associate Director, Shanghai Research Institute, China Telecommunications

VCC. Excellence in Construction

We’re analyzing information on-the-go to make intelligent, real-time decisions — it’s changing the way we work.

Wayne Alley, vice president, VCC


The collaboration platform connects team members with customers and partners. Global RF specialists have a solution for working together around the world.

Klaus Höling, director of IT and group CIO, Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG


Forbo Eurocol is a perfect example of what social software can do. IBM Connections is the best collaboration tool I've ever seen. It has enabled us to cut our department meetings down by 75 percent— with these products, we always know what's going on and who's responsible for each task. IBM social software gives us a whole new way of thinking and working.

Robert Sigmond, IT Manager, Forbo Eurocol

Iowa 80 Group

With Lotus Quickr, our business teams, technical staff, and truck stop employees located across the country all can share and access information quickly and easily.

Burke Strand, Network Manager, Iowa 80 Group


Our vision of self-service as a way to enhance our growth strategy has proven highly successful. With IBM’s technology, insight, and continued support, we’re building the foundation for long-term market leadership.

C. Mohan, (formerly) Chief Technology Officer, Reliance Life Insurance


Our challenge was to communicate and collaborate better across borders and to leverage our skills worldwide. The solution was to implement a whole collaboration suite out of Connections, Quickr, Sametime, and Notes. Very quickly our employees realized the added value. Our managers now have access to their contact data, to workgroups, teamrooms, blogs, and wikis about the group's strategies and so on, independent from infrastructure. That is just perfect for us.

Markus Bentele, Corporate CIO, Rheinmetall AG


The value of IBM's social business technology lies in enabling people to work in an environment that's comfortable for them, that allows them to be more mobile, to get work done faster, and to spread their knowledge. Everyone has knowledge and they like to share it. IBM Connections, Quickr, and Sametime all allow people to share knowledge in a centralized location.

Jonathan Distad, Senior Business Consultant, Perficient

University of Windsor

Windsor Essex County was struggling to ensure that citizens had accurate access to all the information about community services, so we've created a digital infrastructure. This collaborative platform uses IBM services to let Windsor Essex connect citizens with the organizations to deliver services and opportunities more quickly.

Kristina Verner, Research and Development Officer, University of Windsor's Center for Smarter Community Innovation

Colleagues In Care

As we've gone through every step, we've asked ourselves the question, 'Wouldn't it be lovely if we had technology to help with this?' IBM LotusLive software gives us that technology. One of our mantras has been 'communication and collaboration.' So LotusLive is a wonderful tool for us to be able to bring people together from around the world and in different specialties. By virtue of using LotusLive, they are able to communicate and come up with the best possible practice models.

Dr. John Kenerson, Colleagues In Care

 Russell's Convenience

The IBM LotusLive Engage service is helping our licensees operate as one business - one that is connected, informed, and cohesive. By collaborating in the cloud, our employees can come together as if they were all in the same location, ensuring that business decisions are made efficiently and quickly.

Raymond Huff, President, Russell's Convenience Stores

KDZ Wiesbaden

Via the integration of external users and new online processes in the KDZ portal, we are able to provide new services products that were not previously possible. Now we are able to offer new services faster, and that leads to an increase in sales.

Ralf-Michael Ortner, Division Manager at KDZ Wiesbaden

Ahlers Group

Our intranet portal makes it easier to access current information, improves team collaboration and creativity, and reduces administrative effort. Thus our workflows and processes have become more effective.

Uwe Dubbert, Managing Director in the IT, telecommunications, and e-commerce services division, Ahlers Group AG

Asian Paints

Increasing the visibility of knowledge and expertise across the organization will improve our processes and help us achieve our business goals.

Deepak Bhosale, Chief Manager (Systems) for social and customer-facing applications, Asian Paints

Chinese Deaf Association

From my own experience, it is really difficult for the deaf to perform normal, daily activities. The real-time sign language interpretation service will significantly improve the quality of life for the deaf.

Xi-Long Chu, Council Chairman, Chinese Deaf Association, R.O.C.


In addition to the highly valuable collaborative functionality, IBM Connections gives us a richer way of working that is time and place-independent.

Jaap Boer, Global Project Manager, LeasePlan


IBM Connections software is ideal for quickly posting one’s thoughts and feelings, so we can use it as a foundation for gathering the opinions of employees and customers throughout the world.

Koji Hara, Information Systems Director, Roland Corporation

Rational Software

By using IBM Connections software to amass and leverage the collective knowledge and experience of employees in online communities, we can provide more value to customers.

Darrel Rader, Manager of capability and community development, IBM Rational