Smarter Workforce

Engaging employees to drive the business

What is a Smarter Workforce?

A Smarter Workforce reinvents work in this age of the empowered employee. Using workforce science, analytics and collaboration tools, Smarter Workforce brings together three key elements to ensure a best-fit engaged workforce, develop deeper client relationships and drive measurable business outcomes.

   Attracting the
    best talent

   Creating a social,     collaborative culture

   Connecting people to get work done

What are the benefits of IBM Smarter Workforce?

Get the right people in the right jobs

Benefit from years of workforce science expertise and best practices to truly understand your talent and predict the likelihood of their success.

Create a connected and informed workforce

Connect your workforce to the people and information they need, and empower them to drive better business outcomes.

Improve decision making with analytics

Discover fresh insights and uncover patterns with analytics for real-time business intelligence and improved decision-making.

Provide an exceptional digital workplace experience

Exceed employee expectations with a talent solution that offers seamless connectivity to the systems and tools they need to get their jobs done.

Foundations of a Smarter Workforce

Attracting and retaining the best talent

Attract, engage, develop and retain high performing talent, by using analytics and workforce science to predict "best fit" for high value roles, and help your people do meaningful work..

Engaging employees in a social way

Nurture an engaging environment and culture built on trust, transparency and responsiveness, informed by analytics and grounded in a common vision of success.

Connecting employees, customers and partners

Get work done by connecting employees, customers and partners, to enable a collaborative work experience that is in-context, powered by analytics and delivered anytime, anywhere.

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Engaged employees drive measurable business impact.

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A Smarter Workforce delivered better health and better business.

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An exceptional web experience impacts business.

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