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The 2015 South by Southwest PanelPicker is open!

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Vote for IBM at SXSW 2015!

At SXSW 2014 this past March, IBM was a huge hit! It was our most integrated experience we’ve ever had. Help us continue that momentum by showing your IBM support and voting for your favorite innovative idea through the SXSW PanelPicker!

To make it easy on you, we pulled all the IBM submissions, so you can easily vote for the idea you want to see on stage on March 2015. Voting closes on Friday, September 5 (11:59 PM CT).

You can vote for one or all 80, if you are feeling ambitious, then tweet your support by using #SXSWIBM.

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Design With Soul Adam Cutler vote
Integrating Design & Lean Startup: The MVS Model Adilson Jardim vote
Understanding your user. It's not rocket science! Alice Clark IBM Design, Marnie Andrews vote
Lean ideas for multidisciplinary collaboration Alvaro Soto vote
12 Angry Users: Translating Dramatic User Feedback Amanda Savitzky, Allison Hwang vote
Designing The Dodo Andrew thompson IBM Design, Joe Meersman, Brad Nea vote
Use visualization to Help You Think Thru Decisions Angela Shen-Hsieh vote
Software for a cause - skills for a purpose Anton McConville IBM Canada vote
Lean UX wins - radical collaboration Ariadna Font IBM Watson Group vote
6 Lessons Learned from IBM Design Ashley Hathaway vote
IBMDesign: design thinking in the enterprise Ashley Hathaway IBM Design. IBM Watson, Denise Burton IBM Design, Jodi Cutler IBM Design. IBM Watson, Alice Clark IBM Design. IBM Watson. vote
Privacy is a Fundamental Right vs Privacy is Dead Aurélie Pols Mind Your Privacy, Blair Reeves IBM vote
design.exe: Executing software design in real life Ben Cox, Anthony Papagerorgio vote
"Know me, know my needs: Hyper-personalization" Bill Curtis-Davidson, John Sanchez vote
Moving On: What the Future of Privacy Looks Like Blair Reeves vote
Help Me Help You: Group quantification of self Camille Nicodemus IBM New Zealand Limited vote
Design Driven Product Delivery to Wow Clients Carlos Ferreira vote
A Mobile Experience for the Homeless Chris Berg, rachel San vote
Self-tracking and bio-hacking: Quantified Self Chris Dancy, Camille Nicodemus IBM New Zealand Ltd vote
Why & how to be bolder in healthcare IT Chris Moose vote
Level up on mobile user experience. Damie Brooks IBM Tealeaf, Alyssa Simpson IBM Tealeaf vote
Is Hollywood influencing/killing future interface? Daniel Braxton vote
Designing Spontaneous Culture Dena soukieh, Phong Tran vote
It's not you. It's the environment. #HackClass Don Buckley Tools at Schools, Denise Burton IBM vote
Designing holistic cloud experiences Elizabeth Meyers, Tracy McCarthy vote
IBM Watson: Lnkiing lngagaue and ihsgnits Emily Jester vote
"Creative Exploration: Diverge, Remix, Converge" Eunice Chung, Sean Jalleh vote
Want to Lose Weight? Hang Out with Your Avatar Felix Chang vote
"I, T, *: What is your design knowledge shape?" Gabi Sanches vote
The Share Economy is Failing. Abort or Retry? Gadi Ben-Yehuda IBM Center for the Business of Government vote
Panning for Gold in the Internet of Things Graeme Noseworthy vote
"Rock & Roll, IBM Design Thinking, and Awesomeness" Greg Hintermeister vote
Netflix / Pandora style subscription for Education Hamid Karbasiafshar WebSphere Education vote
"Content strategy for fast, friendly design" Ian Carrico Four Kitchens, Sam Richard IBM vote
Big Data: Weaving Insights into Opportunities Inhi Cho Suh IBM, Giorgos Zacharia Kayak, Will McInnis Brandwatch, Jeremy Woolf Text 100 Global Communications vote
Enterprise Mobile Doesn't Have To Suck Jeff Noble, Russ Wilson vote
Are You in a Social Media Experiment? Jennifer Golbeck University of Maryland, Michelle Zhou IBM Research, Jason Baldridge People Pattern, Philip Resnik University of Maryland vote
"happiness, luck and building a career" Jodi Cutler vote
Be your own Katamari Joe meersman IBM Design vote
Cloud Based Analytics to Solve City Problems Joe Saunders vote
Hyper-personalized indoor navigation for Events. John Sanchez, Phill Jenkins vote
People and Products Jordan Licero vote
Games from Indigenous Australia with wearable tech Josh Andres IBM R&D vote
Growth Hacking in the Enterprise: 5 Discoveries Kate Hauser, Lauren Schaefer vote
Hack “Design Thinking” with a DIY maker mindset Kathryn McElroy vote
Coaching Facilitiators & Facilitating Workshops Kelly Bailey, Erin Hauber vote
The Medium is the Deliverable Kevin Suttle vote
Unlocking the World of Open Data Lauren Schaefer, Kate Hauser vote
How will the 2020 marketing department look like? Marcel Baron vote
Inclusive UX in a Rapid Development World Mary Jo Mueller, Susann Keohane vote
DIY High Fructose Corn Syrup Maya Weinstein vote
Real Talk: Buzzwords and Design Culture Melissa Rodriguez Zynda vote
Scripting for Form and Function Michael Senkow IBM Design vote
"IBM Watson: Information, Insight and Inspiration" Mike Rhodin vote
I Went to SXSW & All I Got Was A Stupid Keychain Molly Vannucci IBM Interactive Experience, Jessica Friedman Publicis vote
"""You Can't Make This Up"" - Animated Shorts in EDU" Natalie Brooks, Sheila Thorne vote
"Digital Function, Physical Interface" Patrick Mankins IBM Design vote
City Analytics as a Service Phil Fritz vote
"Design, Innovation, and devOps on the Cloud" Rachel Reinitz vote
Social Strategies with Bottom-line ROI Randy Hlavac Northwestern University, Sameer Khan IBM Customer Analytics vote
Embracing Complexity for Better Teamwork Rebecca Knowe IBM Design vote
Extending live events into a digital experiences Rebecca Lalez vote
All in one rhythm Richard McMurray vote
Building Disruptive Lean UX Teams - IBM Mail Next Ronald Cianfaglione vote
#AskAMillennial: Closing the Generational Gap Samantha Klein vote
200 Tweets Reveals Personality and Drives Brand Michelle Zhou, Sandy Carter vote
Geek Girls are Chic! 5 Career Hacks Sandy Carter, Reshma Saujani vote
Unleash the Omnipotent User Sara Wilson IBM UK Ltd, Sophie Riches vote
Contextual Personas: Dogs in the Park Sarah Gibbons, Rachael Dickens, TJ Blanchflower vote
Unconscience Learning with An Engaged Heart Scott Cottier vote
"Innovation & Entrepreneurs, a Boston Perspective" Scott Kirsner The Boston Globe, Andrew Miller Constant Contact, Akhil Nigam Mass challenge, Joseph Perry IBM vote
Codesigning the inter-hospital transfer experience Sean Jalleh vote
Fasten Your Seat Belts: Mobile Health Takes Off Sharon Mandler Suchotliff Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, Robert Jarrin Qualcomm, Henry Wei Aetna, Dr Michael Weiner IBM vote
Design Perspectives on Meaningful Choice Shawn Sprockett IBM, George Royer White Whale Games, Rachel Weil University of Texas at Austin, Davey Wreden, Founder vote
Size Does Matter: Creating IBM's Design Language Stephanie Hagadorn, Hayley Hughes vote
Data literacy: What is it? Why does it matter? Steven Miller IBM Information & Analytics Group vote
EPUB - Transform to an inclusive mobile experience Susann Keohane, Richard Schwerdfeger vote
The Next Generation of Talent - Marketing Careers Terri Bartlett Marketing EDGE, Edith Chu IBM Ecosystems Development, Charlotte Mason Terry College of Business, University of Georgia, Leigh Ober Javelin Marketing Group vote
Make People Smile with Microinteractions Una Kravets IBM Design vote
Scaling up a pedagogue Yi Chiao Cheng vote

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