VISA invitation
letter request

How do I request an invitation letter to apply for a VISA to enter the United States and attend the IBM Connect 2017 conference?

It is the responsibility of the requester to determine the type of visa they need to apply for, allow ample time to complete the application, secure employer approvals that may be needed, and ensure compliance with the parameters of the type of visa obtained, for their visit to the United States to attend this conference. By submitting the request for an invitation letter, the requester agrees to this.

If you are a Citizen or a National of a Visa Waiver Program Designated Country, you do not need a visa invitation letter unless special circumstances apply. Please visit the link for recent updates. If you already have a visa to enter the U.S. that covers the timeframe of the conference, the confirmation email of your enrollment should be sufficient for the customs agent at your U.S. point of entry. Please have a printed copy of the confirmation email with your travel papers, along with a printed copy of the conference agenda for additional backup. If you think you do need a letter, it is recommended that you review additional details at the U.S. Visas page at the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs website to determine your individual requirements.

When completing the ESTA, please use this information for your US contacts:

U.S. Point of Contact Information
Elaine M. Pelaia
Program Manager, Conference Operations
6303 Barfield Road, NE
Atlanta, GA

Address While in the U.S.
Moscone Center West
800 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

IBM Employees:

  1. Send a note to from your IBM email address to initiate your request.
  2. Have the subject line read: Connect 2017 - Visa Invitation Letter - Name – IBM Country and personalize the "Name" and "Country" fields with your name as it appears on your passport and your country of residence.
  3. You do not need to send any information and will receive instructions to complete your request.
  4. If you do not need a visa, you still need to complete the Immigration Determination Tool assessment. Search "IDT" on w3.

Clients & Business Partners:

  1. Send an email from your employer/business email account that matches the name on your passport. We cannot process requests from public addresses (e.g., @yahoo, @gmail, @msn, etc.). If you are requesting on behalf of the traveler, please include the traveler’s business email address when submitting the request as the invitation letter must be sent directly to the traveler (you will be copied).
  2. Have the subject line read: Connect 2017 - Visa Invitation Letter - Name – Company/Organization and personalize the "Name" and "Company/Organization" fields with your name as it appears on your passport and your employer name.
  3. Copy the text under "Information to send in the request" below, insert the responses and send to

Note: Please send one request per email and from the employer/business email address that matches the requestor’s name and place of employment

If you need additional assistance not related to a visa invitation letter, please email

The visa invitation letter will be sent as a .pdf file via e-mail to you within 3 business days of receiving the request provided the information is complete. The conference dates will be stated, not personalized travel dates. We regret we cannot provide visa invitation letters for additional travel companions not attending the conference. They should be able to apply for a tourist visa. It is recommended that you have a printed copy of the invitation letter, the confirmation email of your enrollment and the conference agenda with you when you depart for the U.S. Note that your postal mailing address is requested for the addressing of the .pdf version of the letter, no letter is actually mailed. Please include the full mailing address (street, city, province, country, zip/postal code) for your country of residence. Your first and surnames should be as stated on your passport.

Information to send in the request (Clients & Business Partners Only):

I am requesting a visa invitation letter to secure the necessary travel papers to attend the IBM Connect 2017 conference from February 20 - 23, 2017 at the Moscone Center West, 800 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94107, (415) 974-4000. I am providing the necessary information below.

Company/Organization Name:
Business Street Address Line 1:
Business Street Address Line 2 if needed:
City, Province, Country, Postal Code:
First name:
Place of birth: (not date)
Passport number:
Date of issuance: (DD MMM YYYY)
Date of expiration: (DD MMM YYYY)
Place of issue:
Fax # (only if from China as you must present a faxed letter from a US area code):


If you have any questions not related to Visa invitation letters, such as logistics, hotel, etc., please send a note to

If you have questions about the invitation letter, or need changes, please forward the email with the invitation letter back to

February 20 – 23
Moscone West
San Francisco, CA