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IBM Connect 2014 Track Descriptions

Track One: Social Business: Strategy and Innovation

Who should attend?
Business leaders and IT professionals of all levels

What you will learn:
When you inspire your workforce to innovate and collaborate more productively, you create tangible business value. When you anticipate needs and deliver exceptional experiences, you delight your customers and create advocates. When you integrate your business processes with the right social tools, you secure a competitive advantage and pioneer new ways of doing business. From strategy roadmap sessions and client best practices, to industry commentaries and panels – there's something here for everyone!

Track Two: Creating a Smarter Workforce

Who should attend?
Business leaders, HR professionals and business roles of all levels

What you will learn:
The world’s most dynamic businesses attract, motivate, and empower their workforce to increase engagement, improve productivity, and drive value for the organization. With Smarter Workforce solutions, your organization can accomplish incredible things. But how do you actually build a smarter workforce? By reinventing how work works. Sessions in this track show just that — how leading organizations aren’t just changing the way they work — they’re using smarter solutions — to attract the best people, to capitalize on collective intelligence, and to inspire their workforce to do great things. You'll see how it's all done with a unique combination of behavioral science, data, social technologies and precision, ultimately creating more innovation, productivity and value for their organizations. We'll address the business benefits of creating a smarter workforce, show the integrated capabilities needed to meet the evolving social and collaborative business needs, and share examples of what leading companies are doing today.

Track Three: Solutions for Exceptional Customer Experiences

Who should attend?
Marketing, Customer Service, and Digital Experience Leaders

What you will learn:
Without question, today’s customers are smarter. They are mobile and social — connecting with you and each other — and have high expectations of the content and the tailoring of their cross-channel experiences with your brand. Thus, delivering unparalleled value is paramount from the first touch of brand awareness to superior customer service in order to build deep customer loyalty and market leadership.
Marketing, Customer Service, and Digital Experience professionals recognize they must understand the customer in-context and build dynamic and personalized experiences to connect with them anytime through any channel or device in order to deliver exceptional experiences. In this track, industry leading customers, partners, and IBMers will demonstrate their unique integrated approach to meet these rising customer expectations and share the business benefits they have realized by delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Lotusphere Technical Program (Tracks 4 – 10 below)

Who should attend?
CIOs, IT managers and practitioners: application developers, system administrators, integrators, technologists of all levels.
The Lotusphere agenda has long been the industry “gold-standard” and is built for IT professionals &mdash from developers to admins and everything in between – and all experience levels! From JumpStarts to Master Classes to Show 'n Tells, whether it's applying analytics to existing solutions, building exceptional customer experiences or rolling out new social technologies, on premise or in the cloud — there's something here for you! All the tools, tips, technologies and capabilities you've come to expect.
This Lotusphere Technical Program is comprised of the following tracks:

Track Four: Application Development

Who should attend?
Developers and architects of all levels

What you will learn:
Sessions across this track will cover a breadth of app dev topics to help you develop applications for The IBM Platform for Social Business. Sessions will address core product development skills as well as those needed to build integrated social applications using the IBM Social Business Toolkit SDK. We'll showcase how it’s easier than ever to create new applications, update existing applications or deliver a mobile experience, on premises or in the cloud, while at the same time making your solutions intuitive and lightning-fast. We'll feature a broad selection of sessions about application development tools and technologies, and after four full days of content, developers will leave with lots of ideas, helpful hints and new skills to make their applications simple, smart, social and secure.

Track Five: Infrastructure

Who should attend?
System administrators, IT managers and integrators of all levels

What you will learn:
Sessions across this track will prepare you to deploy and manage an infrastructure tailored to your needs. From the planning stages of knowing the latest features and capabilities, administration/deployment techniques and product architectures to the operational tips and tricks of daily system management and the excitement of "going mobile" or “in the cloud” across your entire collaboration and social business portfolio – it's all here! You'll be getting details and advice straight from architects, developers, product managers and ‘in-the-field’ experts. Administrators and integrators alike will find everything they need to take their infrastructure to the next level in these sessions.

Track Six: Best Practices

Who should attend?
IT managers and practitioners: application developers, system administrators, integrators, technologists of all levels

What you will learn:
The popular Best Practices track is about technical solutions that can be implemented today. Whether it's social business, development, mobile, cloud or portal, sessions here provide tips, tricks, and quick maneuvers with a focus on learning from the experiences of others, No product or marketing sessions, we want to take away pain, bring back the fun and deliver the technologies. In these sessions, attendees expect to be leave with knowledge that lets them tell their companies : "This one session was worth the price of the show". Dust off your thinking cap and see if you can create a session that will meet these standards! We want to hear from you.

Track Seven: Customer Case Studies (from an IT perspective)

Who should attend?
IT practitioners of all levels

What you will learn:
These sessions will feature leading companies, large and small, from a variety of industries and will detail how each is utilizing IBM solutions to drive business results and empower people – but all in YOUR language, from an IT perspective! Presented by IT practitioners, this track showcases how they’ve built or deployed IBM software to enhance collaboration and improve business processes within and outside of their enterprise. Direct and candid, these sessions outline both successes and challenges — across a range of solutions.

Track Eight: NEW! Spotlight on IBM Business Partners

Who should attend?
IT managers and practitioners as well as business leaders and professionals

What you will learn:
Back by popular demand after debuting at Connect 2013! Sessions in this track will showcase the highly-acclaimed solutions that our partner community is known for, Whether your focus is workforce solutions, social collaboration, mobile, analytics, content management, creating exceptional customer experiences – whether sophisticated or surprisingly simple, we want to hear from you.

Track Nine: JumpStarts and Master Classes

Who should attend?
IT Managers and Practitioners: Application developers, system administrators and technologists of all levels

What they should learn:
Technical in nature, the Lotusphere JumpStart and “Master Class” sessions are designed to get developers and administrators up and running on the products, techniques, and technologies that are the foundation of the IBM Collaboration Solutions portfolio and the IBM Platform for Social Business Jumpstarts are technology primers – and focus on introductory and overview material to help get attendees get ready for the more in-depth sessions coming later in the week, “Master Classes” are designed for the practitioners already in the trenches and are targeted to those who are developing sophisticated applications that support business processes and departmental/enterprise administration, who want to kick their skill set up to the next level.
Upon submitting your abstract, please indicate “JumpStart” or “Master Class” in the title.
(Sessions will take place on Sunday, January 27th)

Track Ten: Show 'n Tell

Who should attend?
IT managers and practitioners: application developers, system administrators integrators, technologists of all levels

What you will learn:
The Show 'n Tell track brings you the best in live technical education. SNT sessions explain in comprehensive detail a specific technology with detailed instructions, picture screenshots and live demonstrations that show how it can be used and applied for your environment. With 90 minutes per session you can share your expertise with an audience who has come to learn something new.
This year we are interested in technical content on any of the IBM Collaboration Solutions products demonstrating how people can get the best out of them, as well as how combining IBM technology can deliver an integrated Social Experience. Whether you're an administrator or a developer consider only that our attendees are working with complex technologies and demanding new ideas, at IBM Connect we want to give them content they can't get anywhere else.

NEW! Innovators and Thought Leaders sessions

This new track delivers perspectives and opinions from an industry lens, with speakers who are setting the pace in the market. From analysts to press to social gurus to IBMers who have captured the ear of our community — there's something here for everyone!

Keynote sessions

Laying the foundation for more detailed sessions to come, these broad view sessions have something for everyone — IT or business leader, beginner or expert. Start with these sessions in whichever topic you're interested in, and hit the ground running!

Birds of a Feather sessions

Audience: Any and all Connect attendees, both IT and business roles

Come one, come all! Birds-of-a-feather sessions are a popular feature of Connect, bringing together communities and individuals with similar interests. These sessions are informal, interactive discussion groups for like-minded attendees to share ideas and experiences in a small group, open forum setting. Feel free to submit topics that interest you, that you would like to lead, or topics and discussions that you'd like to participate in! As a reminder, attendees build the agenda by voting on all submissions and ultimately select the sessions that will appear on the agenda. So you'll be sure to find something that's well worth your while!

Sessions will likely focus on the areas below, but other ideas more than welcome!

Understanding the structure

This year at IBM Connect we will feature client experiences and best practices sessions, the Lotusphere Technical Program and Kenexa World Conference. It is the ideal venue to bring business and technology together.

The agenda offers a broad range of sessions, from basics on collaboration and social technologies to more specialized sessions on industry use cases, and of course, technical deep-dives. The sessions are organized into tracks (refer to detailed track descriptions below) to help you navigate and build an agenda that addresses your personal interests. For the Kenexa World Conference Community and the Lotusphere Community, the conference structure highlights familiar areas of concentration.

Solutions for a Smarter Workforce and the Kenexa World Conference

Kenexa World Conference, taking place on Monday and Tuesday, consists of sessions that look at collaboration solutions, client experience, Social Business and Smarter Workforce through a human resources lens. Participating in the Kenexa World Conference sessions will help you discover how to attract and keep the best people, develop employee skills, cultivate leaders and capitalize on collective intelligence and analytics to transform the way your business works.

Since 'Smarter Workforce' is such an important topic, additional sessions will be offered outside of Kenexa World Conference as part of the main IBM Connect conference throughout the week. These Smarter Workforce sessions during IBM Connect, will be applicable to any business leader.

Lotusphere Technical Program

The Lotusphere Technical Program is designed with the IT practitioner in mind. Sessions focus on the products, tools and capabilities that power Social Business, Smarter Workforce and Exceptional Customer Experience solutions.