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Energizing Life’s Work

Thank you for making Connect 2014 a huge success! More than 5,000 people, representing 75 countries attended, confirming a strong affinity to cloud, social business, smarter workforce, mobile, and analytics.

We are confident that you came away with the expanded network, new insights, new tools and capabilities to help your workforce deliver the best possible brand experience to customers, while generating new competitive benefits for your business.

We hope you'll explore the content here to re-live the excitement from IBM Connect and find resources to help you continue your learning.

Creating a Smarter Workforce

Business leaders, HR professionals and business roles of all levels.

The world’s most dynamic businesses attract, motivate, and empower their workforce to increase engagement, improve productivity, and drive value for the organization. With Smarter Workforce solutions, your organization can accomplish incredible things.

Demo: Connections Suite (00:04:31)

Video: Rudy Karsan, Kenexa, CEO - IBM Smarter Workforce, on the Importance of People (00:02:21)

Video: The Smarter Workforce Vision (00:04:15)

Presentation: Smarter Workforce Services by the numbers (PPT, 719KB)

Presentation: Creating a Smarter Workforce (PPT, 9.1MB)

Smarter Workforce Services touchscope (PPT, 978KB)

White Paper: Redesigning Work Creates a Smarter Workforce (651KB)

Demo - IBM Employee Experience Suite (00:07:58)

White Paper - The Next Generation Employee Experience

Case Study - Premier: Helping physicians deliver the best possible care to their patients (1.10MB)

Solutions for Exceptional Customer Experiences

Marketing, Customer Service, and Digital Experience Leaders.

Without question, today’s customers are smarter. They are mobile and social — connecting with you and each other — and have high expectations of the content and the tailoring of their cross-channel experiences with your brand.

Case Study: Ahlers AG responds faster to changing fashion trends (196KB)

Infographic - The 4-3-2-1 of IBM Digital Experiences (707KB)

Demo - Nicole Carrier Connect OGS - Building Lifetime Customer Relationships (00:10:52)

Demo - IBM Digital Experience for Marketers (00:07:42)

Analyst Report - "The Business value of IBM's Exceptional Digital Experience Solutions" 2013 IDC Report

White Paper - IBM Customer Experience and Commerce

White Paper - Creating a Digital Strategy to Provide Exceptional Digital Experiences

White Paper -- IBM Customer Experience Suite and Forms Experience Builder

Case Study -- Jyske Bank extends brand message to more than one million visitors a month (324KB)

Case Study - Amadori launches interactive mini-sites (670KB)