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Bringing people, communities, and technologies together

Your digital experience supports multiple channels, with access anywhere, anytime. You’ve enabled personalized, rich media so your content is valuable and concise—so what’s missing? The people!

Exceptional social digital experience = Digital experience + People

Today’s online business world is a social business world, where everyone is connected. Through social digital experiences, social businesses can provide access to incredible expertise and knowledge, allowing them to respond faster and more cost effectively to user's requests. This often results in improved customer satisfaction and organizational effectiveness.

Social in the context of a complete digital experience

Creating global communities

IBM's core infrastructure enables social capabilities to be infused into any digital experience—so people can seamlessly interact with each other in a way that is meaningful. IBM’s Digital Experience software portfolio, built on open standards, provides incredible flexibility, allowing organizations to optimize the user experience and functionality to deliver THE exceptional digital experience.


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    Community pages
    Simply point and click to make a web-page social. Just associate it with a community and access social capabilities like forums/discussions, blogs, wikis, files, activity streams, community events, bookmarks and members.

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    Social media publisher
    Easily integrate your digital experience with external social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. with automated publishing/workflow and analytics.

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    Provide access to social content, chat rooms, and experts. These resources are targeted and dynamic based upon user, languages, device, geo-location and so much more.

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    Infused social
    Easily infuse social capabilities into a digital experience alongside traditional web content and business applications with maximum flexibility to optimize the experience for the end user.

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    On-premise or cloud ready
    Flexible deployment options include on-premise or cloud depending upon your needs.

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    Enhanced analytics capabilities provide social listening and analysis tools as well as out-of-the box web context analytics.

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    Drive deeper relationships through contextual social experiences across all digital channels.


81% of US consumers. consumers surveyed declared social networking recomendations integral to their purchase decisions.
Using social technologies across the value chain, specially in consumer packaged goods, can increase margins by up to 60%
it's estimated that social technologies can help increase productivity by as much as 25%

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