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The Transportation industry has been a leading driver behind globalization by facilitating the trade of goods around the world. Many of the transportation systems that are in place today are not sufficient to handle our global trade needs into the future. By integrating technology and intelligence into the transportation infrastructure, we can improve capacity, enhance traveller's experiences, and make our transportation systems more efficient, safe, and secure.

Web Experience software offerings are used in all sections of the transportation industry to leverage collaborative, secure portals to deliver personalized content over the web. This allows everyone to have the right information at the right time, thereby increasing satisfaction and strengthening loyalty.

The resources on these pages can help you understand how solutions developed with socially-infused Exceptional Digital Experience software from IBM delivers flexible, integrated environments that support personalized user experiences for passengers, customers, and partners alike.

Thought Leadership

Airlines & Airports

A key component of any airline's success is its ability to help customers quickly and easily book, monitor and change their travel plans. IBM's Exceptional Digital Experience software offerings have enabled many airlines worldwide to develop flexible, standards-based Internet booking engines which integrate seamlessly with back-end systems, legacy components and external applications.

IBM's Exceptional Digital Experience software offerings can help airports and airlines strengthen profitability. Internally, they help users make better decisions, and drive responsiveness through a user -friendly and socially infused portal interface. Externally, they enable multi-channel self-service to provide a consistent experience across all channels from any device, and enrich loyalty by integrating 3rd party services.


Global demand for rail services continues to outpace available capacity and infrastructure, while aging systems and traditional business practices may limit a railway's ability to respond to the challenge. By implementing technology solutions to acquire, analyze and share information across the rail network, organizations can become more efficient and effective.

To support projected growth, rail companies need to leverage solutions to help them collaborate with and extend their networks across an even wider array of their transportation infrastructure. That includes travel partners, suppliers, logistics service providers, regulatory agencies and customers. IBM's Exceptional Digital Experience software offerings have allowed rail companies to transform the way they do business and leverage social technologies to create a more responsive, agile operating environment.

Travel Related Services

Travel related service companies such as hotels, travel agencies or car rental companies are challenged to ensure the best experience for their customers. Whether travelling for business or pleasure, today's consumers expect multi-channel interactions to be consistently available from any device. By becoming customer-focused, travel companies can achieve greater customer advocacy, retention, and loyalty.

In order to meet these objectives, providers must leverage technologies that can provide a flexible, scalable architecture with access to timely information and applications. Staff need the most current information about flight delays, hotel transfers, room preference or weather conditions in order to provide superior customer service. Strong and effective socially-infused collaborative platforms are a must to increase employee productivity. Customers of IBM's Exceptional Digital Experience software offerings have leveraged these industry leading solutions to improve customer service and loyalty in this highly competitive market.

Freight Logistics

Transportation organizations maintaining fleets of any kind must manage labor costs, warranties and significant inventories, without sacrificing reliability or safety. They must make immediate and strategic decisions that require effective data analysis, collaboration, and coordination across the value chain.

IBM's Exceptional Digital Experience software offerings can help organizations provide a social web experience that makes it easier to do business with them. They can strengthen relationships through better collaboration and interactions with agents, partners, and drivers. The mobile-enabled web experience can provide seamless access to information and applications from any device, which can improve productivity and responsiveness.

Airlines & Airports


Travel Related Services

Freight Logistics

Swift Transportation: Reducing turnover and administrative costs with a multi-channel intranet portal solution.

Bekins Improving communication with mobile solutions

Airlines & Airports


Travel Related Services

Freight Logistics

Freight & Logistics

SMP Warehouse Management Solutions: A suite of applications to enable the efficiency of warehouse personnel

Nulogx Transportation Management: Optimizing the entire shipping lifecycle

Cross Travel & Transportation Software Assets

Kelros – Kelros.Reservation: Resource reservation booking application

Radio Connect: Extends unified communications and collaboration platform to include land mobile radio (LMR) and other disparate users.

Kelros – Kelros.Asset: Asset management, scheduling and tracking application

Maximo Enterprise Suite: Asset management and service applications

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