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Given often razor-thin margins, retailers must constantly find ways to revitalize relationships with customers and increase operational efficiency. Many improvements can be driven through IT solutions, and business leaders are relying on IT to help align the business with marketplace realities.

Flexible Web Experience and Social software offerings can help retailers take advantage of existing and new technologies, including Web 2.0 tools, to support improved shopping experiences as well as solutions that drive productivity and efficiency in stores, between lines of business and within the supply chain. These solutions fit within the "Develop Smarter Merchandising and Supply Chains" and "Smarter Operations" imperatives of the Retail Industry Framework.

The resources on these pages can help retailers understand how solutions developed with socially-infused Exceptional Digital Experience software from IBM can help deliver flexible, integrated environments that support personalized user experiences for customers, employees, and the extended value chain.

Supplier Management

Strong supply chain management offers retailers a key competitive advantage. The Supply Chain area has seen many innovations and the competitive environment continues to demand new, innovative approaches. One core requirement is the need to continually optimize sourcing and distribution as new categories and products are introduced. Today`s on-boarding process for new vendors are inefficient, difficult and costly due to high administrative overhead, information required in the process residing in many different systems.

Exceptional Digital Experience solutions for Supplier Management can help enable the rapidly-changing vendor on-boarding process to add new offerings and go to market faster, and make a retailer`s site, stores, and brands "the place to be" for vendors. Today`s smart retailers are leveraging supplier portals as a way to save cost and increase productivity and profitability. They have become collaborative platforms extending enterprise applications to benefit all parties in reduced cost, risk and cycle. IBM's Exceptional Digital Experience software offerings for Supplier Management allows retailers to have intelligent, proactive collaboration between trading partners to provide secure, efficient collaboration from any device.

Store Operations

In today`s global economy, retailers struggle to effectively and efficiently communicate with retail stores. IBM`s Exceptional Digital Experience software offerings for Store Operations helps retailers manage large volumes of content and growing numbers of content developers and providers, as well as increasing productivity and simplifying content management processes. Employees and departments can easily customize their views of information and interact among themselves improving their overall effectiveness. It also provides to quickly on-board new employees, and streamline common HR processes to reduce costs and improve productivity. Collaborative, mobile-enabled web experience solutions, that provide social capabilities to better engage the next generation of employees, from IBM can help reduce costs and ensure that all locations have the right information at the right time.

Store and Channels

In this global economy, retailers are feeling the pressure to optimize all processes across their network of franchises and dealers to be more effective. Providing the right information at the right time, in the right context, can be a key differentiator. IBM`s Exceptional Digital Experience offerings for Retail Stores and Channels provide an adaptive and dynamic infrastructure designed to grow with your business, help you leverage social technology across any device and help make your dealers/franchises more successful. It provides the tools to improve the speed and accuracy of communications between head office and the dealerships as well as facilitate increased collaboration with business partners.

Human Capital Management

Retailers often struggle with a dynamically changing workforce. IBM Web Experience software for Retail Store & Human Capital Management helps manage this process and make the transitions smoother. By providing stores with automated systems to facilitate new employee on-boarding, new employee checklists, access to training, and HR activities via the portal, new-hires will be brought up to speed quickly and efficiently, and reduce the need for training. The user-friendly, collaborative, social portal interface helps existing employees access common HR applications themselves, via any device, thereby freeing up HR resources to focus on other, more strategic initiatives.

Supplier Management

Human Capital Management

Store Operations

Store and Channels

Other Exceptional Digital Experience Case Studies

IBM Retail Supplier Collaboration Template

Click to enlarge. The IBM Retail Supplier Collaboration Template can help retailers accelerate the development of an online presence to strengthen relationships with existing suppliers, as well as bring new suppliers on-board more quickly and cost effectively. It includes a sample supplier portal website which has been built on top of WebSphere Portal, IBM Forms, IBM Web Content Manager, and Lotus Sametime.

The template provides best practice examples for the many design patterns which are common in this type of portal. All content, layouts, forms and portlets can be customized and configured to meet specific requirements. The template assets can be integrated with existing systems and content to provide an exceptional user experience for retailers and their vendors/suppliers.

Why a Collaborative Supplier Portal?

The Supply Chain area has seen many innovations and the competitive environment continues to demand new, innovative approaches. Retailers will work to extract more value from their supply chains that will help them respond more quickly to customer, supplier, and regulatory influences. One core requirement is the ability to respond quickly to changes in the market by adding new suppliers and product assortments, as well as build a stronger partnership with suppliers. Today’s on-boarding process for new suppliers and partners are inefficient, difficult and costly due to high administrative overhead, information required in the process residing in many different systems.

Today’s smart retailers are leveraging collaborative, personalized supplier-focused web experiences, across any device, as a way to save cost and increase productivity and profitability.


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