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Given the current economic and competitive pressures of a global economy, both executives and business leaders in the Industrial Sector face challenges. They need to find new solutions to improve operational efficiencies that will increase revenue and revitalize relationships with customers, partners and suppliers. Many improvements can be driven through IT solutions, and business leaders are relying on IT to help align the business with marketplace realities.

Industrial Sector Thought Leadership

IBM Exceptional Digital Experience software solutions can provide a high return on investment in a number of solution areas, including the following areas common to the industrial sector:

Automotive Industry

In today's global automotive marketplace, manufacturers, OEMs and dealers all strive to increase sales, to improve operational and manufacturing efficiency, and to increase customer brand satisfaction.

Thought Leadership: Automotive 2020: Clarity Beyond the Chaos

Chemical & Petroleum Industry

IBM Exceptional Digital Experience software solutions for Chemical and Petroleum include the ability to access real-time, comprehensive, and integrated information coming from multiple disparate systems. They enable visibility, alerting, and collaboration to speed problem determination and drive operational efficiencies

Thought Leadership: The New Voice of the CIO, Chemicals & Petroleum Point of View (PDF, 1.6MB)

Electronics Industry

For the Electronics industry, IBM Exceptional Digital Experience software solutions include comprehensive dashboard views that integrate people, processes and information, and enable global collaboration. These solutions help organizations reduce time-to-market and realize profit faster by driving efficiencies in factories and in the supply chain.

Thought Leadership: Rewiring for global integration: Connecting the electronics value chain with SOA

Aerospace & Defense Industry

Research, analysis and perspectives explore the most relevant aerospace and defense industry issues.

Automotive Industry

Research, analysis and perspectives explore the most relevant automotive industry issues.

Chemical & Petroleum Industry

Research, analysis and perspectives explore the most relevant chemicals & petroleum industry issues.

Electronics Industry

Research, analysis and perspectives explore the most relevant electronics industry issues.

Automotive Industry

Electronics Industry

  • Border States Electric - Border States Electric implemented ERP applications from SAP with IBM Exceptional Digital Experience software front end providing the Exceptional Digital Experience for it end users...
  • Electrolux (Video,00:10:44) - Electrolux enables a social, mobile workforce.
  • OMRON Europe - Launches the next generation intranet experience, streamlining processes and improving productivity.

Chemical & Petroleum Industry

Other Industrial Sector Case Studies

  • CEMEX (Video,00:02:56) - Launches 'Shift' - a new internal social network to increase innovation and speed time to market for new products.

Dealer / Franchise

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management

Workforce Management

Plant / Operations Dashboard

  • -Dealer / Franchise Management
  • -Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management
  • -Customer Care, Sales and Service
    • Customer Care (Movie) (YouTube, 00:04:50)
      In this demonstration we will see how MyWi, a fictitious wireless provider, uses IBM Exceptional Digital Experience Software and the IBM Accelerators to enhance their customer's experience, reduce development costs, and retain more customer.
  • -Workforce Management
  • -Plant / Operations Dashboard

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