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Today, governments are facing increasing challenges that impact their ability to fulfill constituent requirements. And by 2020, government interactions will require "perpetual collaboration" across transnational agencies, societies, governments and constituencies. Starting now, governments must simultaneously deal with the effects of six nearly universal drivers that are reshaping our world, while building a foundation to promote the future prosperity of citizens. Learn more in this thought leadership report - Government 2020 and the Perpetual Collaboration Mandate.

Government to Citizen Portals

Give citizens access to government information and services from one convenient Web portal. Using government web portal software, citizens can apply and pay for services online using eForms, with automated workflows helping to ensure efficient processing. Plus support for live video feeds, wikis, blogs and maps helps you stay in touch with citizens in new and cost-effective ways.

Government to Business Portals

Help foster innovation and growth by providing a single place for businesses to interact. Government web portal software can help streamline costs, capture revenue associated with tax, licenses and permits. Provide a platform for business to interact with stimulus efforts and provide transparency.

Public Safety

Whether dealing with natural or man-made threats - those responsible for the safety and security of citizens are challenged with the task of collaborating across agencies and with the public to effectively respond.

Tax Collection and Filing

Gain efficiencies on how your government collects taxes. Close loop holes to maximize revenues. Put your government in a position to easily adjust to constantly changing legislative requirements.

Social Services

Provide constituents with fast easy access to the critical services they need. Ensure that those that apply for services are truly qualified and that government resources are being used to help those truly in need.

Intranets for Government Agencies

Help Government workers stay informed and provide them with the tools they need to perform their duties in a more informed and efficient manner. Enable civil servants to deliver effective services.

Government to Citizen

Government to Business

Public Safety

Social Services

Intranets for Government Agencies

Business Value Guide - Social Services

The Day in the Life Demo for Social Services provides an example of the business value that can be gained with WebSphere Portal and Lotus Forms. The demo can be viewed in 3 formats: recorded, click through html or as a presentation.


Software Assets for Government


IBM Government to Business Template

The IBM Government to Business (G2B) Template helps government organizations accelerate the development of G2B websites and the delivery of services to business constituents. The template includes a sample G2B website built with IBM WebSphere Portal, Lotus Web Content Management and Lotus Forms. The template provides best practice examples for many of the application design patterns which are common in this type of portal. All content, layouts, forms and portlets can be customized and configured to meet specific requirements. Source code is included. In addition - the template can be integrated with existing systems and content to provide an exception user experience for a government’s business constituents.



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