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For three years now, financial services firms have navigated a truly turbulent global economic environment. And it’s not over yet: slow growth and the sovereign debt crises in major markets are slowing demand for financial services; regulators are ushering in a new era of government oversight; and the rise of non-banking firms as competitors is remaking the industry landscape.

Amidst these challenging times, the needs and nature of the financial services customer base are also shifting dramatically. Banks continue to struggle to regain the trust of customers, counter-parties, regulators and governments after the real and perceived failings of the financial system in 2008. Customers expect more than just trustworthiness, however. They are also demanding transparency, varied offerings and multiple channels through which to do business.

Thought Leadership

Customer Care and Insight

Increase customer confidence and drive revenue growth from greater insight into customer needs.

Payments and Transaction Services

Enable flexible, efficient and secure payments and securities operations while reducing costs.

Customer Care & Insight

The Customer Care and Insight solution has seven areas containing specific projects that address the needs of each area. Select your highest priority projects and add others as you need them.

Payments and Securities

Enable flexible, efficient and secure payments and securities operations while reducing costs.

Customer Care and Insight

Banking requirements and needs are uniquely synergistic to IBM's market leading WebSphere Portal family of products. WebSphere Portal products allow for the implementation of role-based access to the specific applications and information a banking customer, employee or partner needs. In addition, WebSphere Portal products include the enterprise security and availability features banks require, deliver the flexibility and choice unique to open standards-based software, and provide the following banking industry applicable benefits:

Improved Employee Productivity - Portals allow for faster access to applications and information as well as the ability to collaborate with others to leverage their expertise. As banking is a knowledge intensive industry, it requires continuously improving productivity to sustain its competitive advantage.

Improved Customer Satisfaction through Self Service - Portals enhance the ordinary online banking experience by providing the ability to collaborate with bank employees, service a variety of account needs, and apply for new accounts.

Improved Channel Sales -The portal infrastructure allows banks to cross sell credit products (loans, cards) and deliver them through the channel that the customer is most comfortable with.


IBM WebSphere Portal software enables you to develop, deploy and maintain cost-effective portals for a small number of users up to sophisticated, multinational enterprise portals supporting millions.

While WebSphere Portal software continues to provide leading portal, content management, collaboration, business integration and security technology to help you improve your employee productivity and increase customer loyalty, it also does more than that. WebSphere Portal software can help you exceed user expectations, respond to new business opportunities and reduce deployment costs, complexity and maintenance — with unprecedented efficiency.

See below for examples of how WebSphere Portal solutions can be used to solve real world problems in the banking industry.

Customer Care & Insight

Software Assets

Regardless of an organization’s size, number of users, complexity and types of Web applications delivered, containing deployment costs and ensuring application availability and responsiveness requires continual focus. IBM understands these challenges and continues to provide improvements and innovations that help make it easier to deploy and maintain your organization’s Web portals.

In addition to direct product enhancements, IBM also supports containing deployment costs and speed time to solution by providing catalogs of downloadable assets specific to the banking industry.

Introducing the IBM Retail Banking Template

Open Financial Network. Click to enlarge The IBM Retail Banking Template for WebSphere Portal is designed to help banks accelerate the development of online retail banking websites for delivery of products and of services to customers and prospective customers. The template includes a sample retail online banking website which has been built with Websphere Portal, Lotus Web Content Management, Lotus Sametime and Lotus Connections.

The template provides best practice examples for the many design patterns which are common in an online banking portal. All content, layouts, and portlets can be customized and configured to meet specific requirements. The template assets can be integrated with existing systems and content to provide an exceptional user experience for banking customers.

Why a Retail Banking Portal?

Regardless of the size of the bank or the geographical region in which it operates in – delivery of banking services to customers; whenever they want them and wherever they are is critical in today's highly competitive banking environment. Increasingly bank customers are demanding access to bank services and products on a 24/7 basis.

Customers want to bank regardless of the time or their location; this requires banks to deliver services across multiple delivery channels including traditional teller, online, public kiosk, mobile phone and ATM. The Retail Banking Template provides a platform for multi-channel service and product delivery.

Additionally, customers are demanding an exceptional on-line experience that is comparable to what they are experiencing on the general internet and in social networking and other consumer websites. As a result, online banking portals have become the critical platform for delivering important information and services.

The Retail Banking Template also provides a platform for collaboration between the bank employees and customers or prospective customers. It also represents a potential source for innovative solutions to address todays ever growing demands for financial products and services.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

The IBM Retail Banking Template leverages WebSphere Portal software's inherent Web service-based portlet development technology to deliver a SOA-based G2B portal solution. To help ease customization, portlets are developed with WebSphere Portlet Factory and in some cases Lotus Web Content Management templates.

Existing content can be integrated through the inherent capabilities of WebSphere Portal and Lotus Web Content Management. Lotus Sametime provides the ability for customers to instantly communicate with bank employees and other experts to ask questions or get information on products and services. Lotus Connections provides the ability for bank employees and other experts to create blogs and wikis that provide information and education on how to best use bank products and services.

The Retail Banking Template can be extended using electronic forms created with IBM Lotus Forms and can be easily integrated to support process reengineering and business process management. Lotus Forms provides numerous options for integration of existing data and business processes for automating workflows.

Additionally, there are numerous options for WebSphere Portal integration with existing systems and data sources using pre-built and custom connectors, adapters and portlets from both IBM and IBM Business Partners.

To learn more about the IBM Retail Banking Template, contact your IBM representative.

Product capabilities referenced in this document reflect current capability and may change at any time at IBM's sole discretion based on market opportunities or other factors, and are not intended to be a commitment to future product or feature availability in any way.

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