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Custom Self Service Applications in Minutes!

IBM Forms Experience Builder 8.6. Click to watch the video (YouTube, 00:04:05) Do you want to empower your business users to create compelling, multi-channel, interactive applications? Do you need a way to automate forms-based business processes to help improve efficiency, customer service and time to value? Then look no further!

IBM Forms Experience Builder puts the power in the hands of your line –of-business users. It enables them to easily create data collection applications which can be used stand-alone or as part of your customer and employee websites allowing you to introduce new offers, surveys and programs at will. Non technical users are able to create sophisticated web applications - complete with forms, database, reports, charts, rules, notifications, security and workflow. Captured information is automatically presented in a familiar spreadsheet like format and easily downloaded or integrated into existing line-of-business systems.

Easy to Change

Solutions designed with IBM Forms Experience Builder are agile and easily changed to accommodate changing business requirements so you can be more responsive to customer and market needs. With IBM Forms Experience Builder you are able to better engage customers and have the freedom to try things again and again – all without the help of IT.


  • Cloud-style deployment

    Cloud-style deployment
    Deploy a single software instance for all your users. Apps and data are secure and only accessible by those who created them and any others who they elect to have access. All use of the software is through your browser or mobile device.

  • Simple workflow

    Simple workflow
    Speed the approval process with flexible, role-based workflow and access control. You can automatically generate email notifications, invoke services at workflow steps and provide a dynamic experience based on rules.

  • Adaptive behavior

    Adaptive behavior
    The apps you create can run on mobile devices and all the popular desktop browsers. Forms will adapt how they render to take advantage of the devices they are being used on.

  • Everything you need

    Everything you need
    Design apps and make changes to existing apps in your browser. Deploy them and send out the url. No need to worry about the database and reports and charts as these are all automatically created.

  • Flexible integration

    Flexible integration
    Apps can be easily added to the your customer or employee website allowing you to introduce new offers, surveys, capabilities and programs at will. Existing systems can be integrated to pre-populate fields and post data. The software’s service architecture lets you define connections with just about any system.

  • Extensible

    Apps can be quickly customized using standard web development skills. Styles can be modified through CSS, functions added as HTML fragments and JavaScript can be used with the software’s comprehensive set of events.


By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship without talking to a human. (Source: Gartner Research).
80% of business innovators use citizen developers. (Source: IBM Business Technology/Trends).
Non-professional developers will build at least 25% of new business applications by 2014. (Source: Gartner).

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Customer stories

AMOREPACIFIC appointed DMA Solutions Limited to consult, design and implement their Intranet Operation Portal so that all of their retail shops and offices can communicate and acquire the latest information in the common platform either via mobile devices or traditional web browsers.

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundations Trust

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundations Trust
Gave clinicians an easier way to report and review patient data throughout the entire clinical journey.


Learn how Streebo helped NetJets migrate 700+ forms from a competing technology to IBM Forms Experience Builder to improved the time to submit information and overall compliance.

IBM Collaboration Solutions. Community Meeting. June 25, 2013. Watch Now (01:03:52)

Children’s Medical Center Dallas
Learn how this progressive children’s hospital is using IBM Forms Experience Builder to improve the care they provide.

ISW. Case study. CEMEX.

Improved employee experience by developing more intuitive forms in their intranet that feeds data directly to their SAP system.

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