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Cloud as a growth engine for business

Now you have more flexibility in how to deploy our IBM Digital Experience solutions. IBM, together with trusted business partners, provides foundational IBM Digital Experience software on IBM SoftLayer for faster time to market, flexible infrastructure and fully managed services that deliver a personalized, integrated multichannel user experience.

Properties of IBM Digital Experience on Cloud

There are six ways IBM Digital Experience on Cloud can help you deliver business value:

Rapid Elasticity. Broad Network Access. On-demand &self service. Resource Pooling. Measured service. Managed service. Rapid Elasticity Broad Network On-demand &self service Resource Pooling Measured Service Managed Service

Rapid elasticity

Use only what you need. Many industries, such as retail with holidays and insurance with yearly signups, are driven by seasonal demands on their digital experiences. Stand out organizations understand these cycles and plan for them. With cloud-based digital experiences, companies can now respond to and capture market share more easily by taking advantage of rapid elasticity to expand and contract IT and hardware in a matter of minutes—not days, weeks or months.

Broad network access

Reliable global network access is also a must. The ability to reach your customers with exceptional digital experiences, where they are and on the device of their choice, is a customer mandate. With this comes the added expectation of fast access. Whether using a smartphone, tablet or desktop, if the responsiveness of the experience is poor, today’s customers will leave the experience altogether, which results in lost opportunity, revenue and customer loyalty. Digital experiences on cloud use global data centers that provide network access near your customers. This ensures fast performance of engaging digital experiences.

On-demand and self-service

Your digital experience platform must be there when you need it. Controlling time-to-market with engaging digital experiences is top-of-mind for many CMOs because reacting to market demands is paramount to winning and keeping customers. CMOs are finding it increasingly difficult to wait on current IT processes to set up, expand or withdraw capacity supporting their customers’ digital experience. Cloud-based deployments offer streamlined processes to add or withdraw computing capacity within hours instead of days, weeks or months—saving time and driving speed to market.

Resource pooling

Enjoy private use of the software. A dedicated engine powers your digital properties, rather than one shared engine across customers where you "get what's available" at any given time.

Measured service

Pay for what you use. As demand for your digital experiences fluctuates, being able to measure and control dedicated resources can become critical to your success. Understanding the costs and providing transparency to all parties involved allows for better decision-making to drive the digital experience. Resource metering capabilities provided by a digital experience cloud-computing provider allows for unique visibility into the digital experience, along with control and optimization. Simply put, resources can be ramped up or down depending on the business needs and reflected within the cost.

Managed service

Another key decision point when investigating cloud options for digital experiences is deciding what managed services may or not may not be needed.

For digital experience PaaS offerings, many cloud providers also supply a wide range of managed services. These services are critical in keeping the platform optimized. Services may include keeping platform software current, call center support, application integration, monitoring and more. Working with a provider for these services allows your organization to focus on creating and delivering an exceptional digital experience without worrying about keeping the infrastructure and software up to date and running smoothly.


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