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Gain insights from digital analytics

Now you can manage content, analytics and marketing execution from a comprehensive solution to enhance customer engagement. IBM Digital Experience solutions help you create an engaging experience that will attract and interact with customers in a personalized way by analyzing their current needs, past interactions and future interests.

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With these solutions, you can continuously optimize the experience by understanding usage, effectiveness and relative value of business assets—resulting in a tailored experience that drives an increased return on investment.

Don’t just provide the tools, enable a solution

IBM Digital Experience software provides a comprehensive solution to empower marketers to create compelling experiences by combining out-of-the box integration between enterprise portal, social, web analytics and marketing execution solutions with personalized, targeted experiences to increase engagement.

  • Ease of use

    Ease of use
    An intuitive interface includes built-in analytics reports, rich media and web editing tools for IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Web Content Manager.

  • Personalized

    Deliver highly personalized content based on your role, preferences, past and real-time behavior, and then provide targeted messages through integration with IBM Enterprise Marketing Management Personalization.

  • Robust segmentation

    Robust segmentation
    Conduct accurate analyses and targeted marking programs using customer experience management software, which relies on full segmentation and web analytics.

  • Social

    Drive deeper relationships through a better understanding of your customers and provide engaging social experiences.


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Customer stories

City of Dubuque, Iowa used advanced analytics and smart meters to reduce household electricity usage by up to 11 percent and water usage by 6.6 percent, while also optimizing the city's bus fleet and schedules.

Dave Lyons

Using an IBM analytics-enabled portal solution, Bharti Airtel provided flawless service to 110 million customers at low margins, while also improving employee productivity and providing real-time responses to customer requests.

Amadori. Amadori launches interactive mini-sites. Web IBM Web Content Management and IBM Business Partner Tools

Amadori identified and predicted consumer buying preferences, and then refined their digital marketing campaigns to generate more sales reach, new customer advocates and engage a new, younger customer demographic.

Premier healthcare alliance. drives change in care and performance

Premier healthcare alliance used analytics to manage big data across clinical, operational and supply chain systems, providing a broader informational platform for evidence-based clinical practice.