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Integrating health & social determinants for a holistic approach

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Healthy, productive lives begin with

the individual at the center

IBM understands that health is influenced by many different factors and that in order to optimize health outcomes a full picture of the individual’s health is needed.

IBM Watson Health addresses this fact through building systems of care around the whole person, uncovering valuable insights into all of their determinants of health – psychological, social and clinical. Cognitive systems that understand, reason and learn are helping care managers make sense of available data, helping them expand their knowledge base, improve their productivity and deepen their expertise

Taking a holistic approach makes it possible to deliver efficient, integrated services and individualized plans - where and when it's needed - including at the point of care or on a mobile device. The goal is to improve outcomes, lower costs and drive wellness and community vitality.

care management, Clinical, Social, Psychological Care

Addressing the need for change

care management. 1 in 4 people suffer from mental illness, yet it is traditionally disjointed from physical health. care management. Mental illness. 1in 4 people

$8 trillion+ is the cost for health & social programs worldwide, current care models provide reactive attention & disproportionate costs. Health costs. 8 trillion and rising

22% of the world population will be >60 in 2050, increasing the need for long-term care by 4x. Aging population. 22%>60

1 in 4 individuals & 2 out of 3 aged 65+ in U.S., have multiple chronic conditions - 93$ of expense. Chronic disease costs. 93%

Learn more about how IBM Care Management can transform your health system here.

See how care management fits into your broader strategy for population health management.

Because a better way is possible

Combating the escalating crisis in healthcare spending requires communities of care collaborating across boundaries to build solutions around the whole person. Taking a more holistic approach to care can have a massive impact on outcomes.

care management. 56%

of hospital readmissions can be avoided by providing integrated care for high risk, high need patients.

care management. 4in5

physicians say that addressing social needs improves health.

care management. 80%

of premature heart disease, stroke and diabetes can be prevented.

care management. 30%

of health care costs can be saved by addressing inefficiencies in current systems.

care management. 700B

can be saved in healthcare in large part through the increased flow of personal data.

Person-centered care:

Improves outcomes & reduces costs

IBM is driven by the vision of a better future and is devoted to its customers’ success in delivering better care.

care management.

Mental Illness

A mental health services provider network in a US state reduces the probability of re-arrest for mental health patients in crisis by 30%-50%

care management.

Multi-line Healthcare

A Fortune 500 healthcare company achieves quality measures & saves more than $2.5M annually by eliminating the need for manual analysis

care management.

Chronic Disease

A healthcare company in Latin America reduces costs associated with a group of illnesses that represent 70% of its total healthcare costs

care management.

Government Programs

A state-operated health department in the United States, serving 5 million citizens reduces preventable hospitalizations & emergency room visits

care management.

Elder Care

A Spanish care provider collaborates across clinical and social care to reduce costs by 10-15% and reduce outpatient visits by 8%


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