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Why social programs need to change

Aging populations, new and more complex family configurations, and more rapid job changes are just a few of the unprecedented societal factors that are forcing a reexamination of how social programs and services are funded, regulated, delivered and measured.


Visionary social organizations understand that the way forward is not simply implementing limited, discrete changes, but to strategically reinvent the entire organization and define new program models based on a vision for the future. Technology plays a critical role in this transformation, helping social programs to deliver better outcomes with more speed, agility and effectiveness.


And now, mobile technology is bringing the transformation of social programs to a new level. Real-time access to case files and the ability for on-the-fly updates, are enabling caseworkers to be more accurate, efficient and responsive to client needs than ever before.

How social programs need to change

Citizen-centric service delivery helps ensure that social programs are easier for citizens to find, access and manage.Smarter social programs management. Put citizens at the center
Integrated eligibility and entitlement and payment management systems enable new programs to be created and existing programs to be modified more quickly, while automatically applying recipient changes of circumstances. Smarter social programs management. Target resources for greatest impact
Outome management for long-term self-sufficiency provides best practices, tools and templates that help create meaningful care plans; dynamically tracks client progress; and enables collaboration between care and service providers to help citizens establish self-sufficiency
Smarter social programs management. Focus on outcomes
Provide a modern caseworker experience that helps make caseworkers more efficient and effective with program-specific processes, information and modern tools in a industry-specific software solution. Empower Caseworkers
Support a team-based and client-centered approach to social programs by enabling cross-organizational collaboration.
Smarter social programs management. Enable Collaboration

What can a new business model deliver?

‘RightServicing’—a new business approach developed by the IBM Cúram Research Institute —enables a differential response for social program management.


How have clients improved outcomes and reduced costs?

Smarter social programs management.

A German social services organization implements social program management solution to help protect children

Smarter social programs management.

A government agency in Asia-Pacific implements Cúram software to improve information and reporting systems and deliver higher quality services for individuals with disabilities

Smarter social programs management.

A U.S. county social services department implements IBM Cúram to improve services and outcomes for citizens

Smarter social programs management.

A Canadian Human Services Ministry focuses on employment and immigration to securely collaborate on the delivery of citizen-centered programs and services


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