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IBM i2 Intelligence Analysis portfolio comprises a suite of products specifically designed to bring clarity to complex investigations and operations. Designed to integrate with your existing infrastructure, these tools support multi-national intelligence sharing and collaboration between coalition partners, law enforcement, military theatres and other government and non-governmental organizations.

The offerings help enable analysts, investigators, and the wider operational team to deliver the insights to answer critical questions and take fast, informed action.

IBM i2 Intelligence Analysis capabilities can help enhance missions and combat terrorism, insurgency and other hostile threats.

Featured products

  • i2 Intelligence Analysis Platform

    i2 Intelligence Analysis Platform

    Dedicated environment for information fusion, collaboration and intelligence sharing.

  • i2 Analyst’s Notebook

    i2 Analyst’s Notebook

    Rich visual analysis environment designed to help analysts turn large sets of disparate information into high-quality, actionable.

  • i2 Text Chart

    i2 Text Chart

    Extract, structure, visualize and store information held in unstructured materials.

Enhance Intelligence Operations

Generate Actionable Intelligence
Use data extraction and entry tools coupled with rich visual analysis capabilities to help intelligence analysts focus on sense-making of incoming information, analyzing data and uncovering critical intelligence. Speed up the creation of actionable evidenced-based tactical and strategic reports so that operational teams can make effective time-critical decisions.

Quickly Share and Disseminate Information
Create reports and briefings, in the form of intelligence packages that provide a common operational picture of even the most complex intelligence, and facilitate collaboration and dissemination of intelligence into the field to provide a clear situational awareness picture for all.

Preserve Mission Continuity and Data Integrity
Rely on robust, configurable security that supports an organizations workflow to facilitate a consistent approach to information analysis and preserve data integrity, while allowing information to be available to those who need it.

Combat Threats

Intelligence drives defense and national security activities. Those activities are support by actionable and accurate information. Acquired information is converted into clear, comprehensible intelligence that can be used to make informed decisions. Tools and capabilities that support intelligence analysts include:

Geospatial Analysis
Use geospatial tools to analyze information alongside a geographic view of the same data enabling analysts to establish where and how events have occurred, and to assess the level of threat posed within the overall operational picture.

Cyber Operations
Conduct both proactive and reactive target analysis to fuse together and analyze disparate cyber information, and map out hostile cyber-threats.

Mission Support
Effectively store, retrieve and analyze all-source information gathered during operations and combine it with open-source information to create a clear and comprehensive picture, to help facilitate tactical and strategic planning for future missions much easier.

Social Network Analysis
Examine and analyze group structures and communication flows within networks, helping with the understanding of social relationships, characteristics, gate keepers, key players, leaders and followers within a network and monitor how networks evolve over time.

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