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Fostering the development of innovative service delivery models for health and social programs

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Roundtable Location Date
Smarter Care leadership approaches and care management strategies Brussels, Belgium April 1
Transforming social program delivery Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Australia April 7-11
Managing High Risk Populations – Integrating health and social determinants Toronto, Canada May 22
Disability management: Return to work trends and directions Geneva, Switzerland June 24
Supporting economic and social development Beijing, China August 23

Key Events

Event Location Date
IBM International Social Sector Forum Vienna, Austria June 2-4
European Institute of Social Security Conference Leuven, Belgium October 9-10
IBM Health & Social Programs Summit Washington D.C., United States October 19-22

Speaking Engagements

Event Location Date
14th International Conference on Integrated Care Brussels, Belgium April 2
HIMSS Orlando, United States February 23
Enterprise Search and Discovery 2014 New York, United States May 13-14
Data Summit New York, United States May 12-14
World Bank’s Europe Central Asia Forum Istanbul, Turkey May 21-24
2nd World Congress on Integrated Care Sydney, Australia November 23
The Third China International Senior Services Expo (CISSE 2014) Beijing, China May 6
European Forum of the Insurance against Accidents at Work and Occupational Diseases (PDF, 543KB) Vienna, Austria June 12
European Social Services Conference Rome, Italy July 7-9
XX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work Frankfurt, Germany August 24-27
APHSA-ISM Atlanta, United States September 21-24
International Forum of Disability Management Melbourne, Australia November 17-19
2nd World Congress on Integrated Care Sydney, Australia November 23-25
NASWA UI Directors' Conference Utah, United States October 20-23
National Association of Medicaid Directors Virginia, United States November 11-13

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