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Martin Duggan

Martin Duggan leads IBM Industry Solutions strategic initiatives relating to Social Programs. He has been working with Health and Human Services, Workforce Services and Social Security organizations since 1990 in a variety of delivery, strategy and consulting roles.

Prior to the acquisition by IBM, Martin led Cúram Software’s strategic initiatives on Social Programs and created the Cúram Research Institute to explore new service delivery and policy models transforming Social Programs.

Now the IBM Cúram Research Institute, this strategic initiative aims to identify new and innovative best practices, develop them into business models and then promote their success and usage around the world. This work is undertaken with research partners from academia, not-for-profit associations and international sector organizations.

Prior to joining Cúram Software, Martin was one of the founders of IBM Global Social Segment where he developed and introduced to the market the IBM Integrated Case Management solution, the IBM Social Industry Model and a range of IBM consulting offerings.

Martin has undertaken consulting assignments in the UK, US, Canadian and Australian Federal Governments and has worked with a wide range of Health and Human Services organizations at the State/Provincial level across the world. He has published a variety of research papers on the transformation of Social Programs.

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Brian Lee-Archer

Brian conducts research of global social/human services business trends and provides advice to government and non-government organisations on how these trends provide opportunities for service delivery transformation and business improvement.

Based in Canberra, Brian has developed an international profile as a subject matter expert through his work in the social sector across a career spanning almost 30 years. His career includes 12 years as a civil servant with the Australian Department of Social Security 12 years as executive level business consultant at IBM within the high profile Global Social Segment team, an independent consultant to the executive at Centrelink (Australia) and World Bank assignments in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

In 2004 he established the International Social Sector Forum (ISSF) series, a global thought leadership event convened by IBM for social sector industry executives, multi-lateral agencies and academia. Brian coordinated ISSF events in Japan, Europe and USA from 2004 to 2008. He has works extensively across Asia, Europe and Australia, presents at international industry conferences and publishes industry whitepapers and research.

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Craig Rhinehart

Craig Rhinehart is the Director, Smarter Care Strategy and Market Development, which is part of IBM’s Software Solutions Group. He has more than 25 years executive experience bringing innovative products and solutions to market in Healthcare and other industries.

He is considered an expert in enterprise content management (ECM) and related technologies such as records management, electronic discovery, content analytics and case management. He has led a number of key industry initiatives including research on new ROI models.

Craig came to IBM through the 2006 acquisition of FileNet, where he served as Vice President of Product Marketing. Prior to joining FileNet, Craig was Vice President of Marketing for Tarian Software, which was also acquired by IBM in 2002.

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Eloise O’Riordan

Eloise is a research analyst for the IBM Cúram Research Institute. Her research focuses on social policy and service delivery. She contributes to the production of the Institute’s publishing’s through conducting in depth industry investigations and data analysis.

Prior to joining the IBM Cúram Research Institute, Eloise worked with Ericsson Ireland in a market research role. She also held a financial analyst position in the Equity Research Department in Goodbody Stockbrokers.

She has a keen interest in social policy and works with local NGOs on a voluntary basis.

Eloise has a BA and an MA in business and is currently studying for an MA in European Social Security.

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Ljubisav Matejevic

Ljubisav is a Social Program Market Development Executive at IBM Cúram with responsibility for Healthcare. He is responsible for strategic initiatives in this market, representing IBM Cúram at industry conferences and events and developing IBM position papers on emerging initiatives and trends in Healthcare.

Ljubisav has extensive experience across Europe, the Russian Federation and Common Independent States, Middle East and Africa and provides leadership for IBM Cúram across all social program areas into these markets.

Ljubisav spent the last 7 years working as an IBM Alliance Executive for Global Healthcare where he collaborated with federal, provincial and territorial governments, as well as private healthcare providers and insurers to facilitate the delivery of better healthcare. Before this, Ljubisav worked as IBM’s Principal Public Sector Adviser in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa.

He is the Founder and Honorary Chairman of the Global E-Health Forum, as well as a contributor to several healthcare organizations.

Ljubisav has run executive consulting awareness sessions/workshops/events with public authorities across Europe. He is often invited to provide expert commentary about developments in health and has spoken at many conferences.

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John Edwards

John recently joined the IBM Cúram Research Institute, expanding its global human and social services research and analysis capacity. His research areas will include program structure and service delivery best practices as well as emerging human and social services technology trends. As a member of the Institute, John continues his association with Cúram Software that began in July 2007.

Prior to joining Cúram Software, social program management was the focus of his 31½ year career with the United States federal government, spanning multiple programs and locations across the country.

He worked primarily in the Food Stamp Program (FSP) and school feeding programs for 16½ years within the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service. For 10 of those years, John was a FSP Quality Control reviewer, assessing the correctness of client Food Stamp eligibility determinations and benefit calculations as well as states’ quality control review efforts. His last two years were the beginning assisting states for 17 years to develop, implement and operate automated systems supporting the administration of human and social services programs.

John spent his last 15 years in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families, working with states to develop, implement and operate automated systems supporting the administration of child welfare services and child support enforcement. During that tenure, John assisted a variety of states with their automation projects, led or participated on numerous federal child welfare automated system assessments and two federal child support enforcement system certifications.

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Dr. Hector Upegui, MD

Hector is a Social Program Market Development Executive at IBM Cúram with responsibility for Disability Management. He is responsible for strategic initiatives in this market, representing IBM Cúram at industry conferences and events and developing IBM position papers on emerging initiatives and trends in Disability Management.

Hector works world-wide with Social Security organizations (private and public), social policy makers, insurance associations, unions, employers’ associations, universities and individuals, sharing experiences and best practices at different levels.

His career as a physician in the social security field combines medical aspects with social policy making, as well as operational and management levels within disability management, especially in the area of workers’ compensation and Health care institutions. He also has published a variety of research papers and articles.

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Uwe G. Becking

Uwe is a Social Program Market Development Executive at IBM Cúram with responsibility for Labour, Employability and Welfare. He is responsible for strategic initiatives in this market, representing IBM Cúram at industry conferences and events and developing IBM position papers on emerging initiatives and trends in Labour, Employability and Welfare.

His career includes 9 years as an executive civil servant in the Federal Agency of Employment (BA) in Germany. Based in the Nuremberg Headquarters, Uwe was part of the largest public administration transformation since the Second World War. He worked on the strategic implementation of the federal programs ‘Agenda 2010’ and ‘Hartz-Laws’ reforming this arm of social security.

On joining BA, Uwe worked for the ‘Virtual Labour Market (VAM)’ reform project which involved complete Business Process Reengineering. Next he became Assistant Area Director of Finance, Budgeting and Accounting and also managed the feasibility study of the large SAP implementation project replacing the existing 50 Finance and HR systems. Continuing to work in the area of BA overall strategy, he was deeply involved in the alignment of the 3rd reform phase in the ‘Market Innovation and Prevention Initiatives’ including the German basic social security (SGB II) restructuring project of Subsistence guarantee. In his subsequent position Uwe was responsible for the implementation and deployment of the 2015 IT-Strategy in the BA-IT Strategy business unit.

Previously, Uwe gained extensive professional experience in a series of management positions in various industries since completing his studies in Business Administration (Diplom Betriebswirt FH).

IBM Cúram Research Institute

Fostering the development of innovative service delivery models for health and social programs

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The IBM Cúram Research Institute

The IBM Cúram Research Institute is IBM’s health and social policy research arm. Its mission is to foster the development of innovative service delivery models to enable health and social programs to achieve the desired outcomes of raising the social and economic potential for people and society..

The Institute is committed to undertaking and commissioning research with a focus on the cross-over from policy to service delivery. While there is extensive policy research undertaken around the world and numerous reviews of service delivery success and failure, we have found a gap in the intersection of these two worlds. The Institute partners with organizations around the world to address this:

Activities include best practice briefings, special interest workshops and sponsorship of key industry initiatives and conferences. . Output from the Institute includes Thought Leadership papers, research reports, industry consultations, post-event reports and input to IBM's family of Social Programs innovations, including Cúram software.

To reach the Institute, contact Martin Duggan, Director: .

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