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Fostering the development of innovative service delivery models for health and social programs

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The IBM Cúram Research Institute

The IBM Cúram Research Institute is IBM’s health and social policy research arm. Its mission is to foster the development of innovative service delivery models to enable improved outcomes that raise the social and economic potential of people and society.

Current Research

Call for Participants:

Social media & mobility – Empowering citizens toward social and economic participation
A white paper created through collaborating with executives from health and social program organisations around the world.



Through combining the ideas, thoughts, experiences and predictions of the health and social programs community, we aim to create a set of guidelines to provide practical advice and guidance for organisations on harnessing the potential of social media and mobility based IT solutions to deliver better social outcomes.

Research Approach:

Seeking participation and engagement from the health and social programs community via executive interviews, workshops and social media.

We will be posting a series of working papers throughout the research cycle in order to seek out input and feedback on some of the issues we raise.
Read Working Paper No.1 here (PDF, 466KB) and send us your feedback.

Launch Plan:

IBM Health and Social Programs Summit – October 21st 2014

Please contact Eloise O’Riordan if you would like to participate in this research.




Addressing social determinants and their impact on healthcare.

Innovation in ICT to drive service quality improvement.


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An introduction to RightServicing

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Technological innovation as a strategy to improve service quality

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A Catalonia health provider discusses taking an integrated approach to chronic disease

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Martin Duggan announces early adopter program for outcomes management software

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IBM. IBM Health & Social Programs Summit. October 19 - 22, 2014. Washington, D.C. Learn more.

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