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Identifying and disrupting fraud, error and abuse

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Fraud has a profound impact on commercial and government organizations, costing an estimated $3.5 trillion annually 1; or 5% of revenues. As well as damaging profitability, this loss can also have a substantial effect on brand, reputation and public confidence in organizations which are under constant scrutiny.

Customer interaction takes place across multiple on and offline channels and criminals are increasingly adept at exploiting weaknesses across these systems. Each interaction, however, leaves a trail and therefore an opportunity to identify, detect and disrupt fraudulent activity.

IBM® i2® solutions for fraud and risk are designed to bring to light the critical patterns, links and relationships within vast, disparate data sets. This helps rapidly identify and disrupt fraud and misuse, and significantly reduces the costs associated with these investigations.

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i2 technology is designed to uncover critical insights which aid in investigating complex incidents, producing actionable visualization of critical people, entities and events and documenting results for potential litigation, or to deter the fraudster.

i2 solutions allow investigators to:

1ACFE Report to the Nations 2012 (7.45MB)

Detecting and preventing fraud and error poses a serious challenge for investigators within both private and government organizations. Banks, mortgage and brokerage firms and other financial institutions come under attack by an increasing number of fraudsters. Similarly insurance and healthcare fraud, concealed within complex layers of disparate transactional data, is perpetrated in a number of diverse and inconspicuous ways. The ability for organizations to identify fraudsters and share critical investigative information between agencies has become paramount.

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IBM® i2® solutions reduce the loss caused by fraud by providing tools that help analyze the vast quantities of data which conceal illicit activity, boosting the efficiency of investigation teams and supporting the processes which rapidly differentiate legitimate claims from fraudulent ones.

Analytics and visualization
Employ market leading analytical tools to visualize vast quantities of data from unrelated sources in a number of rich formats, aiding the rapid investigation of potential fraudulent activity.

Governance, risk and compliance
Meet the differing requirements of risk management, compliance, and internal and external investigation groups by facilitating different views of fraudulent activity and, most importantly, proof to support decisions and actions.

Risk alerting
Combine information from watch lists, known fraudsters and other relevant sources to enable the early identification of possible fraud, and increase opportunities for proactive remedial action.

Collaboration and investigation
Provides an intuitive, secure interface for stakeholders to contribute to, share and analyze investigative data leading to faster, more informed decision making.

Information dissemination
Ensure that timely, relevant and reliable information is available to counter threat and raise internal awareness.

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